Introducing Michael Abrash, Oculus Chief Scientist


The Path to the Metaverse I'm tremendously excited to join Oculus, and when I think back, it's astonishing how unlikely the path to this moment is. I've told most of the parts of this story before, but never all together, and the narrative, now spanning twenty years, just keeps getting more remarkable.   Image credit Steve Grever, PC Perspective Palmer, Michael, and John @ QuakeCon 2012 Sometime in 1993 or 1994, I read Snow Crash, and for the first time thought something like the...

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Oculus Joins Facebook


We started Oculus with a vision of delivering incredible, affordable, and ubiquitous consumer virtual reality to the world. We’ve come a long way in the last 18 months: from foam core prototypes built in a garage to an incredible community of active and talented developers with more than 75,000 development kits ordered. In the process, we’ve defined what consumer virtual reality needs to be and what it’s going to require to deliver it. A few months ago, Mark, Chris, and Cory from the Facebook...

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The Future of Virtual Reality


I’ve always loved games. They’re windows into worlds that let us travel somewhere fantastic. My foray into virtual reality was driven by a desire to enhance my gaming experience; to make my rig more than just a window to these worlds, to actually let me step inside them. As time went on, I realized that VR technology wasn’t just possible, it was almost ready to move into the mainstream. All it needed was the right push. We started Oculus VR with the vision of making virtual reality affordable...

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Letter to the Team from Brendan Iribe


Team, As you may have heard this morning, Oculus has agreed to join Facebook. Facebook shares our vision for connecting a billion people through virtual reality with the power of shared presence. Oculus will continue to operate independently. We’re staying Oculus, we’re still building the Oculus Rift, our email addresses are remain, and most importantly, our hoodies will still say Oculus. By partnering with Facebook, we’ll be able to build a better product with zero compromises...

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Announcing the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2)


Since the launch of the Oculus Kickstarter, we’ve been focused on building the best virtual reality platform. The original development kit was a strong starting point that showed the world a glimpse of presence, but its shortcomings prevented it from delivering great VR. Almost exactly one year after shipping the original dev kit, we’re pleased to announce DK2, the second development kit for the Oculus Rift! The second development kit features many of the key technical breakthroughs...

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Welcome Atman Binstock, Chief Architect


We’re thrilled to introduce Atman Binstock, Oculus’ new Chief Architect! Atman was one of the lead engineers and driving forces behind Valve’s VR project, creating the ‘VR Room’ demo that garnered so much excitement at Steam Dev Days. Prior to Valve, Atman led several projects at top companies in the industry, including RAD, DICE, and Intel. Atman and the Valve VR team helped prove simulator sickness could be overcome and a true sense of "presence" could...

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EVE: Valkyrie, Open Source Hardware, and the Best Practices Guide


The intersection of transparency and open collaboration between Oculus and the development community often leads to amazing content and inspiring breakthroughs. Today, we’re excited to share a few great examples. Oculus Co-Publishing EVE: Valkyrie for the Rift First, we’re thrilled to announce that the first Oculus co-publishing project is none other than EVE: Valkyrie, making Valkyrie an exclusive Oculus Rift launch title. EVE: Valkyrie, developed by the team at CCP Games (creators of EVE Online...

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Crystal Cove Debut, CES Recap, and Steam Dev Days


January has been an incredible month for virtual reality. Between the debut of the Crystal Cove prototype, numerous awards at CES, Valve’s VR demo, the inspiring Steam Dev Days presentations, and an amazing reception at the Sundance Film Festival, it’s becoming clear to the world that virtual reality is on the horizon, and it’s going to change everything. The Crystal Cove Prototype Starting with CES, we revealed a new Oculus Rift feature prototype, codenamed “Crystal Cove”. Crystal Cove...

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Fostering the Oculus Ecosystem


Over the last year, we've seen the Oculus community share some of the most innovative and compelling VR experiences in the history of the medium. It’s been inspiring to see so many of these projects and teams go on to raise investment from the community and venture capital groups to build something special. And this is only just the beginning. One of the key components for truly awe-inspiring virtual reality is great content. At Oculus, we’re constantly looking at new ways to support...

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Help! My Cockpit Is Drifting Away


When I was a kid, my dad gave me this nice compass: I was amazed that the arrow in this magical device always seemed to point North. I carried this belief about compasses into my adult life. They are well known to help people overcome dead reckoning problems, which prevent them from traveling along a straight course. Robots face similar problems: In my previous research, I imagined that we can simply give a mobile robot a sensor called a “compass”, which allows it to know which...

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