Developer Relations Manager


Oculus VR is launching the world’s first consumer-ready virtual reality platform. We want you to be a key player on our Developer Relations team; the human touch-point between Oculus and VR developers. This community is growing rapidly, with over 40k Oculus Rift devkits already shipped. Developer adoption is only accelerating and you will be responsible for helping them deliver VR experiences that line customers up to buy the Oculus Rift and their titles to run on it.

Long-term vision:

• You are passionate and charismatic, able to not only illustrate opportunities but also to convert those you engage with into self-motivated evangelists. You are driven by the fact that VR as a medium is forever changing the way people connect and interact - with each other, with the world around them (whether real or virtual), and with technology.
• You are familiar with and excited about the new VR experiences already available or in development. You have an experience-driven and intuitive vision for what is a good fit, what is missing, and what must be improved – and which developers are best suited to bring it to life.
• You make others successful, with a proven track-record of identifying, enabling, and converting game developers to a specific platform or product. You can just as easy dialog mobile, indie, and non-game developers as you can established studios. This is not the start of you building out a network, rather the advancement of your existing network which proves you’re already seasoned, and that you can efficiently expand it.
• When you’re not in the studios and industry events, you represent VR developers in your technical interactions and camaraderie with Oculus HW and SW teams. Just as important as bringing VR content to the platform, your success manifests in translating developer needs into Oculus Rift features and capabilities.

Immediate activities:

• Establish deliverable targets to source and close content deals that will have customers lining up to buy the Oculus Rift at product launch
•Drive developer engagements and outreach through multiple channels, including external studio visits as well as Oculus HQ hosting, conferences, boot camps, game jams, social media, developer communities and blogs, traditional PR, etc.
• Act as a VR subject matter expert, influencing design and direction based on industry knowledge, VR best practices (which you will contribute to and understand inherently), market research, and platform capabilities
• Identify developer needs and priorities, then coordinate with Oculus HW and SW teams to ensure we’re meeting every relevant expectation


• Technical Prowess: expound on critical VR methodologies, tools and technologies, catered to the understanding of various developer disciplines. Excellent problem solving and debugging skills to track down the cause of problems and quickly provide solutions.
• Logical Creativity: whether pre-meditated or on-the-spot, an ability to conceptualize interesting and achievable VR interactions, which fit the brand and competencies of developers you work with.
• Presentation and Communication: comfortable, animated, and adept at public speaking and presentations, whether to tens or hundreds. Equally good, if not better, at listening than speaking.
• Industry Experience: a proven track record of shipping products and/or shepherding multiple clients through product and platform launches
• Independent and Responsible: take initiative and provide alternatives for discussion or implementation, rather than asking someone else for solutions. Solid professional network and track record in interactive entertainment.
• Global Etiquette and Willingness to Travel: from flexibility for calls across time zones to travel and dialog, you are comfortable working with various cultures; multi-lingual is a plus. Travel up to 50% of the time, never above doing menial tasks to get the job done whether you’re solo, or with the team.


Irvine, CA



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