Meet The Team

Michael Abrash

Michael Abrash - Chief Scientist

Over the last 30 years, Michael has worked at companies that made graphics hardware, computer-based instrumentation, and rendering software, been the GDI lead for the first couple of versions of Windows NT, worked with John Carmack on Quake, worked on Xbox and Xbox 360, written or co-written at least four software rasterizers (the last one of which, written at RAD Game Tools, turned into Intel’s late, lamented Larrabee project), and worked on VR at Valve. Along the way he wrote a bunch of magazine articles and columns for Dr. Dobb’s Journal, PC Techniques, PC Tech Journal, and Programmer’s Journal, as well as several books. He’s been lucky enough to have more opportunities to work on interesting stuff than he could ever have imagined when he almost failed sixth grade because he spent all his time reading science fiction. He thinks VR is going to be the most interesting project of all.

Volga Aksoy

Volga Aksoy - Senior Software Engineer

With a career spanning over a decade in the video game industry, Volga held various roles developing sports games at Electronic Arts. Specializing in real-time graphics and photo-realistic rendering, he has contributed to some of the most compelling and cutting-edge visuals in the industry. As a co-founder of PixelFoundry Games, he likes to utilize his spare time developing Blackspace, while making sure that the Oculus Rift will go above and beyond all expectations.

JooHyung An

JooHyung An - Evangelist

Joohyung worked as 3D Architectural visualization designer and VR developer for a few years. He developed “VR Cinema” alone to test its function of virtual reality to provide fantastic experience to the audience. He is developing various VR applications for Oculus and trying to promote the possibility of VR in Korea.

Christian Antkow

Christian Antkow - Engineer

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Christian moved to Texas in 1997 to work for id Software. He has worn many hats throughout his tenure, ranging from IT support, Level Design and Scripting, to his current love of Sound Design. Christian has a passion for realizing rich, detailed, and immersive audio experiences and is excited to be working with audio in VR. In his spare time, he’s an avid PC gamer, involved with Bitcoin, and keeps threatening to release an album of his own music (Eletronic/Industrial and Techno) should he ever find some spare time.

Michael Antonov

Michael Antonov - Chief Software Architect

Michael was co-founder and CTO of Scaleform, the #1 user interface (UI) technology provider in the video game market, which was acquired by Autodesk in March 2011. At Scaleform, he was the lead architect of the Scaleform GFx hardware-accelerated Flash vector graphics engine. Michael is an expert in complex multi-threaded architecture, computer graphics, programming language design, and engineering management.

Lyle Bainbridge

Lyle Bainbridge - Hardware Architect

Originally from New Zealand, Lyle resides in Minneapolis where he has been a consulting electrical and software engineer for 20 years, designing medical devices, instrumentation, sports and fitness sensors and mobile devices for major manufacturers as well as technology startups. Lyle is responsible for Oculus Rift hardware architecture, electrical design and firmware development.

Anusha Balan

Anusha Balan - Engineer

A “controls” freak, who has a thing for AI and robots. Loves hardware as much as software. After playing mastermind of mining plants at Siemens, work on plentiful robots at the RI (CMU), and help surgeons train faster for minimally invasive robotic surgery at Intuitive Surgical, she’s here to create robots that can help test and iterate on designs.

Dean Beeler

Dean Beeler - Senior Software Engineer

Dean is a software engineer jack-of-all-trades with experience developing successful mobile apps along with kernel development.

Michael Berger

Michael Berger - General Office Helper

Michael hales from northern Ohio where he worked full-time on restoring the interiors of classic automobiles including Rolls-Royce’s and Bentley’s. As these cars placed in international shows, Michael left his humble home and immersed himself in the culture of Ukraine in order to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After 2 years of learning the Russian language and making tons of new friends, Michael returned home to California where he spends his free time playing video games, board games, relaxing on the beach, and taking the occasional hike with his family.

Artem Bolgar

Artem Bolgar - Lead Software Engineer

Artem worked at Scaleform and Autodesk on GFx project as a core engineer. Originally from Russia, Yaroslavl, he started programming on Assembly i8080 language at the age 13 back in 80’s. These days Artem is working on various pieces of SDK for Oculus Rift.

David Borel

David Borel - Senior Software Engineer

Dave is a programmer from the Bay Area who has worked in real-time 3D for nearly a decade. Before that, he obsessed over the same and did schoolwork on the East coast. Some of his interests include rendering algorithms, computer architecture, physical simulation, and sound. He has helped ship (and occasionally led) a variety of projects at zSpace, Havok, and NVIDIA. He also enjoys hiking, playing music, and reading.

Scott Boyce

Scott Boyce - Sr. Web Front End Engineer

A midwest native, Scott was half of the team responsible for Quake2maX. Before joining Oculus, he was a senior web front end engineer on the team at Blizzard Entertainment. As an avid gamer, he is excited about the experiences VR can foster. As a web engineer, he will do whatever he can to deliver those experiences as smoothly as possible to people worldwide.

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown - Hardware Architect

Ryan grew up in Nebraska, surviving frigid winters playing Kings Quest on his Apple IIgs. After a close call with a tree ended his nascent rally racing career, he studied electrical engineering at Texas A&M University. Ryan spent the last 12 years developing reconfigurable measurement systems as a hardware architect at National Instruments. When he’s not synchronizing digital systems or squeezing performance out of FPGAs, you can find him exploring the outdoors, wrenching on a project car or experimenting with CNC fabrication – rarely all three at the same time.

Boone Calhoun

Boone Calhoun - Platform Engineer

Boone is best known within the Oculus community for creating the popular RiftCoaster demo. He was an early adopter of the Rift developer kit, which he used to create numerous hobby projects. While writing software for the Rift as a hobby, he was writing software for Amazon as his day job. Joining Oculus has allowed him to combine his greatest passions and he couldn’t be happier here! When not working, he loves using really big lenses to take photographs of really small things (macro photography) and watches a ton of Star Trek. He hasn’t stopped working on hobby projects; it’s just too much fun!

John Carmack

John Carmack - CTO

John Carmack, co-founder of id Software, is a renowned luminary who has altered the landscape of multiple industries. He has pioneered the adoption of several computer graphic techniques used today, including binary space partitioning, light mapping, tangent space bump-mapping, and megatexturing. John was inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame in 2001, awarded two Emmy® awards for his work in graphics technology in 2006 and 2007, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the GDC in 2010.

Hao Chen (Carlos)

Hao Chen (Carlos) - Program Manager

Carlos grew up in Shanghai, China. He had a Bachelor degree of Computer Science from Shanghai and a Master’s dgree from University of Texas at Austin. Before joining Oculus, Carlos has worked in software industry for more than 10 years, focusing on Business Intelligence and commerce platform. Outside of work, Carlos is a big soccer fan, he loves travelling and enjoy seeing the natual beauty around the world!

Joseph Chen

Joseph Chen - Product Lead

Joe comes to Oculus with a background in technology and consumer electronics, most recently working with augmented reality in non-gaming applications. A tinkerer at heart, he has also launched and shipped his own Kickstarter campaign. With engineering and business degrees, Joe covers a lot of ground in a variety of roles that range from manufacturing to marketing.

Rita Chen

Rita Chen - Office Manager

Born and raised in Taiwan, Rita grew up in a family business surrounded by factories and machining. Before joining her adventure in Oculus, she never imagined that she would once again be associated with factory and plastic injection molding. She is the office manager in China/Livermore offices and part of the engineer/operations team that works with China manufacturer. Being in Oculus takes her back to childhood days memories of being in hot and loud plastic factories. Rita also enjoys travel very much and believes that life is full of unexpected surprises!

Kam Chin

Kam Chin - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Kam is focused on mechanical design, product development and support manufacturing at Oculus. He earned his BS Engineering degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and emphasized in mechanical design to manufacturing. He has over 10 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry. He previously led projects from design to manufacturing at Western Digital, Kingston Technology, and Mitsubishi Electronics. Kam started his engineering career in aerospace industry and worked for McDonnell Douglas as associate engineer for International Space Station (ISSA program). When Kam has free time, he enjoys biking with his family, cooking, and outdoors.

Lydia Choy

Lydia Choy - Engineer

Lydia’s first experience with VR was at the Carnegie Mellon Stage 3 Research Lab during her undergrad years, working under professor Randy Pausch. She has since worked in both the film and games industries doing programming, art and VFX at Industrial Light + Magic, Electronic Arts Maxis, and Double Fine Productions for the last 14 years. Lydia is very excited to work on VR again.

Eugene Chung

Eugene Chung - Director, Film & Media

Eugene Chung is Director, Film & Media at Oculus. As a filmmaker and investor, he was previously with New Enterprise Associates (NEA), where he focused on venture capital and seed investments in technology companies. Prior to NEA, Eugene worked in film production at Pixar Animation Studios. Earlier in his career, Eugene was a private equity investor at Warburg Pincus and an investment banker at Morgan Stanley. Eugene has written for The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review, and he has been involved with a number of social enterprises and non-profits, such as microfinance in the rural Philippines as well as aid to North Korea. Eugene studied film at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he geeked out on monochrome movies with little words at the bottom of the screen. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was a Baker Scholar.

Marshall Cline, PhD

Marshall Cline, PhD - VP Platform Engineering

Marshall Cline is a technologist with twenty-five years experience and leadership in both entrepreneurial companies and large projects with person-centuries effort, 9-figure budgets, hundreds of developers, and dozens of teams. He is primary author of the C++ FAQ on the web and published by a major technical publisher in two editions, an early contributor to Design Patterns with novel Design Patterns and an acknowledgement in the GoF Preface, author or co-author of technical articles, contributor to technical books, speaker with an international reputation and hundreds of speaking engagements, and is referenced in tens of thousands of websites. He held technical lead roles in a project that was at the time the world’s largest successful OO project ever, plus webscale projects in both the private and public sectors. Cline has served as Guest Editor for international associations and Principal Voting Member of two national and international standardization efforts. He received the Ph.D. from Clarkson University.

Max Cohen

Max Cohen - VP of Mobile

Max Cohen, a lifelong Duke Blue Devils fan, moved to sunny California to work at Lockheed Martin’s “Skunk Works” and never wanted to leave. He lived in Shanghai while studying Mandarin, traveled the world as a consultant with McKinsey, got his MBA from Harvard Business School, and built products at Google in Venice. With Oculus VR in Irvine, he’s ready to help manifest virtual worlds and experiences that previously have only been the product of our imaginations.

Lee Cooper, PhD

Lee Cooper, PhD - Senior Engineer

Lee is an engineer and inventor. After receiving a PhD in Computer Science in the UK, he moved to the US in 1998 and worked in the video games industry in Southern California at The Collective, Electronic Arts, and Reflexive Entertainment. Before joining Oculus he worked at Amazon for several years. Lee focuses on the SDK, R&D, and systems integration.

Raul Corella

Raul Corella - Head of Supply Chain

Raul has utilized his 20+ years experience in global supply chain operations to launch amazing, disruptive, and game-changing products in the consumer electronics market with companies like BOSE, Monster and Jawbone. He has a passion for developing effective multinational, cross-cultural teams that deliver substantial, relevant results.

Kevin Crawford

Kevin Crawford - Customer Service Lead

Kevin currently leads the Customer Service group here at Oculus VR and is dedicated to ensuring excellent customer experiences across all contact channels. Kevin has been an avid gamer since the age of the Atari 2600/Commodore 64 and has over a decade of professional video game industry experience spanning Retail, Quality Assurance, Customer Support, Production, Project and Program Management, and large-scale staff management.

Aaron Davies

Aaron Davies - Director, Developer Relations

Aaron is passionate about virtual worlds and the platforms they run on. His start was at VR pioneer Evans & Sutherland creating flight simulators for the US Navy and NASA. He developed various games and hardware platforms for Tsunami and THQ, and taught at the Art Institute and ASU. At Intel, Aaron focused on game strategy, tools, and developer enabling, and led a human-computer interaction R&D group. He earned his BFA in Industrial Design from BYU, and completed his MBA at ASU.

Matthew DeVoe

Matthew DeVoe - Senior Hardware Engineer

Matt grew up in north Florida before escaping to Atlanta to study electrical engineering at Georgia Tech. After college, he spent 6 years designing FPGA based measurement hardware as a senior engineer at National Instruments. When Matt isn’t building high speed digital circuits, he enjoys the outdoors, live music, and cooking.

Scott Dodkins

Scott Dodkins - Marketing and Events

Having joined the video games industry during the days of Sony PS1 , Scott who has worked his entire career in Europe, has become an industry veteran . He joined Microprose UK and then after a spell with Hasbro Interactive with hits like Frogger and Roller Coaster Tycoon , Scott moved to be Snr VP Europe for Activision lauching Call of Duty. From Activsion, Scott went on to run Eidos Europe in London and then formed his own consultancy business in 2009 where he helps US companies enter Europe devising “go to market ” strategies and implementing them. Scott has two daugthers at college and with any free time he likes use his boat on the River Thames with wife, Georgina.

Blake Dugandzic

Blake Dugandzic - Front End Web Engineer

Trained as a Graphic Designer, Blake traveled cross-country from New York to California in order to pursue outdoor action, adventure, and a cozy place where he could push the limits of browser based user experience and front-end performance. Blake has roofed at least 10 hacky sacks since moving to California.

Chris Dycus

Chris Dycus - Junior Hardware Engineer

Chris has held an interest in electronics and hardware since the age of five, when he took apart his first vacuum cleaner. He is the resident 3D printer guru and works for Oculus as a prototyper and general engineer, helping to create and refine the Rift hardware.

David Dykes

David Dykes - Senior Manufacturing Manager

Dave is focused on product development and HW Manufacturing here at Oculus. A native of Sarnia, Ontario Canada, Dave previously led manufacturing programs at companies including Dell, Microsoft, Motorola and Activision.

Gayan Ediriweera

Gayan Ediriweera - Software Engineer

Gayan has a passion for using technology to create new kinds of games, applications and experiences. His work in the games industry has included roles on the Half-Life 2 mod Mentality, the space sim Elite: Dangerous and the experimental Kinect game NBA Baller Beats. Outside of work, Gayan enjoys nature, travel and salsa dancing.

Cass Everitt

Cass Everitt - Engineer

Cass got a degree in EE and then promptly never used any of it. Except the math – that is always useful. Instead he started writing 3D graphics software in 1993 and sort of never stopped except to do 3D graphics hardware design at NVIDIA.

Ian Field

Ian Field - Computer Engineer

Ian is an embedded developer focused on microcontroller software and digital logic. He worked at ARM for 15 years developing technologies now used at Oculus VR to create the future.

Matt Ford

Matt Ford - Designer

Matt grew up in Cincinnati, OH playing video games, sports, and music. Although he never became the rock star he imagined, Matt studied industrial design and wound up creating award-winning products for some of the world’s top brands. He is thrilled to be designing the future of VR with the Oculus team. Outside of Oculus, Matt produces and performs music with his wife, dances (poorly) with his young daughter, and races around the agility course with his tiny fuzzy dog.

Tom Forsyth

Tom Forsyth - Software Architect

Tom has been making polygons on screens since 1982 when he got his first 8-bit computer. Since then he has written graphics card drivers, built 3D engines for games, made animation libraries, and designed rendering HW & SW pipelines. And now he’s here to help make polygons on your face.

Laura Fryer

Laura Fryer - General Manager

Laura loves to make cool things with interesting people, so she is delighted to be part of the Redmond R&D group. Before joining Oculus, Laura helped make Microsoft Game Studios, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, XNA, the Gears of War franchise, Epic Games Seattle, WB Games Seattle, Zoo Tycoon, and Crimson Skies. It was all hugely fun, but not as hugely, mindbogglingly fun as making virtual reality real.

Peter Giokaris

Peter Giokaris - Senior Software Engineer

Peter’s desire to escape into a digital universe goes back to being inspired by the original TRON movie as a child. After completing a degree in computer science, Peter immediately jumped into the video game industry as a software engineer. He has worked on many game titles and on numerous platforms, from arcade to console to PC. In his spare time, Peter works on both making and DJ’ing electronic music.

Phil Greenspan

Phil Greenspan - Production and Operations

Phil is a gamer at heart. Prior to working at Oculus he worked at Activision Blizzard on Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, and Skylanders. Before that he graduated from Duke University having studied the Metaphysics of Virtual Reality. When he’s not at Oculus, Phil enjoys making games in Unity just so he can play them.

Simon Hallam

Simon Hallam - Senior Software Engineer

After a short stint helping the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-dan Armada, Simon honed his engineering skills as one of Rare’s first employees during the late 80’s. In the years since, he has run his own indie development studio, and has worked for a multitude of development companies, where he developed a wide range of projects from VR simulations for the international space station, to launch titles on new game console platforms. His creations have garnered awards at the IGF, and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, but electronics and invention are his primary passion, leading him to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign for his Zen Table project, and then on to his dream job working with Oculus VR where he fights for the users.

Julian Hammerstein

Julian Hammerstein - Mechanical Engineering Intern

Julian is a 4th year mechanical engineering tech student from RIT in Rochester, NY. He is passionate about making things, mechanical, electrical, video games, you name it. His background in retro game console hacking lends itself well to his work at Oculus.

Tom Heath

Tom Heath - Senior Software Engineer

Tom has two decades experience in the games industry, running his own development company, as well as key software and management roles at Activision, Sony, Electronics Arts, PDP and Travellers Tales. With specific expertise in rapid prototyping of gameplay concepts, and innovation with new technology, Tom also holds a Masters degree from Oxford in computation, and a 1st class degree in mathematics. Having a huge passion for VR, he considers working for Oculus as his perfect role!

Andres Hernandez

Andres Hernandez - Community Manager

Andres has been a huge virtual reality enthusiast for nearly 20 years, and involved in game development for almost as long. While earning a Bachelor degree in Computer Art, he broke into the game industry, eventually programming dozens of titles for the web. On his spare time he enjoys working with anything 3D; 3D gaming, 3D engines, you name it.

Brian Hook

Brian Hook - Engineer

Brian joins us from RAD Game Tools, where he was the lead engineer on the Telemetry profiling system. Brian has also worked at 3D Realms, Sony Online, id software, Silicon Graphics, and 3Dfx Interactive. He has been involved in two major industry disruptions already — 3D graphics hardware and online multiplayer gaming — and hopes to contribute to a third one: VR. He is the author of two books, Building a 3D Game Engine in C++ and Write Portable Code. Brian is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also enjoys electronic music production.

Matt Hooper

Matt Hooper - Director of Development

Involved with interactive software development for over two decades, Matt brings knowledge ranging from the pixel pushing days of the early nineties all the way through modern cutting edge 3d graphics. From 20 years of PC development to the latest consoles and now the Rift he has and continues to push creativity on the latest hardware while maintaining a practical application. Starting with early community driven content development, the spectrum of his work spans over a dozen titles from mobile to AAA blockbuster games as a designer, producer, and creative director. Before joining Oculus Matt spent time with several companies including co-founding his own game company while working with many different publishers and industry partners. For the last decade he has worked at id Software helping develop titles internally as well as working with external teams with creative direction and technology rollouts. With a background in engineering and a strong desire to be part of the next big thing it was a natural fit for Matt and Oculus.

Davelene Hopoate

Davelene Hopoate - Recruiter/Coordinator

A native to Southern California, Davelene is one of Oculus’ Recruiters and Coordinators. Asides from the excitement of bringing Virtual Reality to the masses, she finds working alongside such passionate people, the most fulfilling. When she is not at HQ or a recruiting event, Davelene can be found spending time with her family, often trying to pry the Rift off of her 2 year old.

Alex Howland

Alex Howland - Release Engineer

Formerly an embedded software engineer working on trains and trucks, Alex has found her love of scripting translates well to release engineering here at Oculus. If it can be automated, she’ll find a way! Growing up in upstate New York, the prodigious snowfalls of winter led to many indoor days spent gaming, reading sci-fi, and tinkering. Several years after the insistence that she was “wasting her time with that computer”, she graduated from RIT with a degree in Software Engineering. These days, outside of Oculus, she enjoys hardware and software side projects and archery.

Brendan Iribe

Brendan Iribe - CEO

Brendan was the Chief Product Officer at Gaikai, the innovative GPU cloud streaming company that was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in July 2012. Prior to Gaikai, Brendan spent a decade as co-founder and CEO of Scaleform, the #1 user interface technology provider in the video game market, which was acquired by Autodesk. Under his leadership, the Scaleform SDK was adopted by thousands of video game developers worldwide.

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins - Senior Software Engineer

Kevin Jenkins is the author of RakNet, a network library used in hundreds of online games. Alongside many years of running his own company, he has enthusiastically joined Oculus to help change the face of gaming. Hobbies include weightlifting, fitness, and gaming.

Abdullah Jibaly

Abdullah Jibaly - Senior Web Engineer

Abdullah’s first gaming experience was playing Zork with his dad on the early IBM PCs in the physics department of UT Arlington. He went on to earn his Masters in Software Engineering from the same school. He was involved with the launch of the original iPhone and the Kindle Fire and knows that both experiences are about to be blown away by what’s in store here at Oculus.

Steve Jobes

Steve Jobes - Information Technology Director

With over 15 years of experience, Steve is an Information Technology veteran with an extremely diverse background. Working for a wide variety of companies in the Video Game, Engineering and Nutraceutical (fusion of Nutrition and Pharmaceutical) industries has given Steve the knowledge and perspective necessary to support and grow Oculus VR. When Steve isn’t in his “Command Center” he can often be found outdoors on the volleyball court or hiking trail.

Dov Katz, PhD

Dov Katz, PhD - Senior Computer Vision Engineer

Dov has a PhD in Computer Science, specializing in robotics, machine learning and computer vision from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and has been a postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University. He is passionate about all aspects of perception and interaction; his goal is to make machines see, understand and interact with the world in a purposeful way.

Gloria Kennickell

Gloria Kennickell - Engineer

Gloria graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Computer Engineering. She has over 7 years of game industry experience and has helped develop and ship multiple triple-A titles. Prior to joining Oculus, Gloria was an engine programmer working on id Software technology with a focus on rendering and cross-platform development. In her spare time, she works on building an army of robot minions.

Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim - Director, Business Development

Andrew Kim is Director, Business Development at Oculus VR, Korea. Prior to his current position, Andrew held leadership positions in Business Development and Strategic Planning at LGE, as well as Program Management at Motorola and Sun Microsystems. He also built up Business Operations at Kineto Wireless, a Silicon Valley start up. He started his career at Boeing as a Design Engineer after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University and holds an MS degree from Stanford University.

Jason D. Kim

Jason D. Kim - Product Manager

Jason comes to Oculus with a solid background in the game industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his 14 years of AAA game development and publishing experiences working side-by-side with, and supporting, some of the industry’s top game development studios and publishers. With production, development, press, marketing and QA contributions on various titles created by such companies as: id Software, Splash Damage, Gray Matter Interactive, Raven Software, Infinity Ward, Bethesda Softworks, Activision and Electronic Arts, he maintains a broad range of skills in interactive software development. He is undoubtedly passionate about video games but when he’s not busy getting humbled in online deathmatches, he fancies himself a hobbyist/enthusiast in personal transport technologies and environmental psychology.

Douglas Lanman, PhD

Douglas Lanman, PhD - Scientist

Douglas designs computational displays and imaging systems: optimizing algorithms and optics together to achieve new experiences. He created virtual and augmented reality eyewear for Nvidia, developed glasses-free 3D displays at the MIT Media Lab, and built 3D scanners while getting his PhD from Brown. He is an active contributor to the do-it-yourself community, having taught eight hacker-friendly courses on 3D imaging and displays at the annual ACM SIGGRAPH conference. Douglas is at Oculus to help build the greatest present ever for his son.

Steve LaValle, PhD

Steve LaValle, PhD - Principal Scientist

Steve grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, spending most of his time in video arcades. The excitement of making his own video games fuelled his interest in learning and kept him out of trouble. With an insatiable appetite for digging into mathematical and scientific challenges, he completed a PhD in Electrical Engineering and worked for two decades as a trend-bucking researcher in the areas of robotics, sensor fusion, planning, and control. He has been a professor at the University of Illinois and Iowa State, and a researcher and lecturer at Stanford. He is most known for introducing the Rapidly exploring Random Tree (RRT) search algorithm. At Oculus, he is fusing his childhood passions with his scientific expertise. He is leading research and development on some of the toughest VR challenges including sensor fusion, magnetic drift correction, and kinematic modelling.

Caleb Leak

Caleb Leak - Software Engineer

A California native, Caleb (“kay-leb”) is a Software Engineer trapped between worlds. He’s bounced back and forth between hardware and software throughout his career. His tenure includes IBM, BitTorrent, and most recently Google. Now being at Oculus allows him to indulge in his passions for games, graphics, software, and hardware all at once. When he’s not coding, he’s gaming, traveling, exploring, and tinkering.

Homin Lee

Homin Lee - Senior Software Engineer

Homin Lee is Software Engineer at Oculus VR and develops VR applications for Oculus Rift users. He studied computer graphics in the Masters degree and has since been in the game industry for 8+ years. Prior to joining Oculus, he has been involved in various fileds including game development, supporting game engine licensees and Operating System development as gameplay/engine programer, field engineer and software engineer. He loves games and coding, and he also strongly believe VR will change our life.

Brant Lewis

Brant Lewis - Senior Software Engineer

Brant has 15 years experience in the financial and medical software industry working with real-time data systems, artificial intelligence, and image processing. He is an avid tech hobbyist with an interest in telepresence, computer vision, and VR with a focus on sensors and motion detection.

Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey - Founder

Palmer is the original founder and designer of the Oculus Rift. Before starting Oculus VR®, Palmer worked as an engineer at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) in the Mixed Reality lab, where he contributed to research and development of virtual reality systems and head-mounted displays. Palmer is also known for having the world’s largest collection of VR headsets and founding the ModRetro Forums.

Laird M. Malamed

Laird M. Malamed - COO

Laird is a 20-year veteran of the entertainment industry. Malamed was Sr. Vice President and head of development at Activision Blizzard overseeing software, hardware and manufacturing for products such as Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and Skylanders. Malamed earned a joint BS degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering and Film & Media Studies. He attended the Graduate School of Cinematic Arts at USC where he is currently an adjunct professor in the Interactive Media Division.

Jack McCauley

Jack McCauley - VP Engineering

Jack is a hardware engineer and consumer electronics designer. He has over 25 years of experience in the video game industry, working with companies like Atari, RedOctane, Activision, and Microsoft. Jack also is a member of the MEMS Industry Group and a leader in the video game peripheral engineering space.

Bruce McKenzie

Bruce McKenzie - Development Manager

Bruce started programming ancient computers at age 12, and was professionally programming at age 16. He’s been up and down the stack, doing embedded work for fun and database work professionally for years. He goes back and forth between technical and management roles at startups and established companies. Prior to joining Oculus he was managing teams for companies including Sony Network Entertainment and He’s originally from Los Angeles but spent half his career in Silicon Valley. He’s an avid board gamer, car enthusiast, and 3d printing hacker.

Nate Mitchell

Nate Mitchell - VP Product

Nate is a software engineer and a product developer. He was formerly a lead product engineer at Scaleform, the leading user interface solution for the video game industry, which was acquired by Autodesk. Nate specializes in business development and strategy for companies with software/hardware products in the video game industry.

Ray Mosco

Ray Mosco - Logistics

A Southern California native with Midwest roots, Ray joins Oculus with a successful track record in both Entertainment and Technology. As part of the Ops team, he acts as liaison between Logistics, IT, and Trade Shows. In his free time, Ray enjoys designing board games and seeking out unique dining experiences.

Dan Moskowitz

Dan Moskowitz - Engineer

After a 15 year career in the game industry, Dan joins us from Maxis/Electronic Arts where he was the lead gameplay engineer on the 2013 remake of SimCity, as well as the lead programmer on the critically acclaimed Creature Creator from SPORE. He has also donned VR headsets at Walt Disney Imagineering VR studio and the Stage 3 VR research lab at Carnegie Mellon University. He’s spoken at GDC and other conferences around the world about player creativity and gameplay engineering. Dan is passionate about creating accessible, clean, and polished experiences for end-users, and couldn’t be more excited to apply those skills to virtual reality at Oculus.

Gio Nakpil

Gio Nakpil - Character Artist

As a child growing up in Manila, Giovanni Nakpil was greatly influenced by the magic of sci-fi and horror films. After studying Computer Graphics in Toronto, his multidisciplinary career led him to Maryland, Texas, California, and Washington. As a digital model supervisor for Industrial Light and Magic, Giovanni worked on principal creatures for “Star Trek” and “The Avengers,” amongst other notable Hollywood films. He then switched gears by designing and building video game assets for Valve Corporation. At Oculus, Giovanni is excited to push himself even further in his art and help define the look of VR.

Aaron Nicholls

Aaron Nicholls - Scientist

Aaron is a scientist at the Bellevue R&D office, where he is performing research and development into various aspects of virtual reality, including hardware, software, and human perceptual factors. Before focusing on VR, he spent more than a decade in the games industry, serving as both a programmer and development manager on a number of titles including Gears of War, Halo 3, and Portal 2.

Chris No

Chris No - User Experience Designer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chris currently leads the User Experience design for the Oculus Rift. After Art school, Chris developed his design skills working for technology startups and enterprises. His focus is on User Experience design, but has a strong background in User Interface Design and Front-End Development. Chris is also an avid gamer and gadget enthusiast.

Ross O’Dwyer

Ross O’Dwyer - Director of Engineering

Ross joins us from Havok where he worked for fourteen years trying his best to make games great. He’s helped as an engineer building tools such as Autodesk reactor, worked as a consultant with games and simulation teams around the world, spoken at various conferences on various topics and hoped that people weren’t listening too closely, and overseen the community game engine Project Anarchy. For the last nine years he’s run Developer Relations and Professional Services for Havok and has had the great luck to be surrounded by smart, talented people at all times through his career. He loves his work but sometimes resorts to singing on the street, it’s important to have a fallback plan.

Sanghee Oh

Sanghee Oh - User Experience Designer

Originally born in South Korea, Sanghee is a User Experience designer focused on creating a seamless product experience across the platform. When she is not drawing flowcharts, she is involved in overseeing usability testing. Prior to joining Oculus VR, Sanghee studied film at UC Berkeley and game design at USC. Sanghee enjoys designing for transparent feedback systems for users, and believes that innovative design for VR should draw inspiration from architecture and philosophy.

Nirav Patel

Nirav Patel - Engineer

Nirav is a high powered mutant: a prototyper, designer, and engineer of hardware. He gave up on a software job at Apple and his open source hardware “company” Adjacent Reality to bring VR to the masses. He architected and programmed the Tracker in the Rift DK, the Latency Tester, and a variety of projects that you’ll find out about in the future. When he is not at work, he is thinking about work and where Oculus will be taking you in Virtual Reality.

Paul Pedriana

Paul Pedriana - Architect

Paul started playing games as a teenager back in the 1980s and one of his favorite games at the time was Battlezone, which was arguably the first virtual reality game. He has been doing game development for 20 years, starting with shareware games back in the shareware heyday of the 1990s. Since then he’s worked on a wide range of platforms, including embedded, mobile, console, hand-held, desktop and server. Paul is probably best known for authoring EASTL, which is a high performance game-development-friendly implementation of the C++ STL. His computing interests include operating systems, high level languages, and practical applications, and he believes that VR is the most fascinating frontier of practical computing applications. In another life he’d probably like to be a designer/contractor for custom architecture. Some day when Paul retires he will probably be found building wooden bird houses that he gives away to those who appreciate such things.

Bernie Perez

Bernie Perez - Senior Web Engineer

Bernie is a web platform engineer for Oculus VR. He has a B.S. from CSULB, and through a Fellowship from The Aerospace Corporation, I was able to graduate from UCLA with a M.S. in Computer Science. Before joining Oculus VR, he did research for The Aerospace Corporation working closely with the Air Force, and also worked for Amazon, helping launch the Amazon Appstore and Kindle Fire. When he’s not developing software, you can find Bernie spending time with his family outdoors or doing Crossfit.

Yury Petrov

Yury Petrov - Perceptual Psychologist

Yury grew up in Moscow during the last decade of the Soviet empire. He moved to US in 1994, finished his PhD in UPenn, and lived in UK and US since then. Yury’s background is in physics, for the last 13 years he was doing research in human vision. Before joining Oculus in October 2013 Yury was a professor in the Northeastern University, where he taught perceptual psychology and studied early visual processing using EEG and psychophysics. He developed several software tools and algorithms used in vision and EEG research, inlcuing a C++ library for experiments in psychophysics (PEACH), an EEG source-localization algorithm (Harmony), and a Matlab library for optical ray tracing (Optometrika). At Oculus Yury does research on perceptual aspects of Rift optics and hardware and on higher-level perceptual aspects of VR such as multi-sensory integration.

JP Ratliff

JP Ratliff - Software Engineer

As a former member of the Autodesk Scaleform team, JP rose through the ranks from customer support, to QA/automation, and finally to engineering, mainly focusing on the Mobile/Unity rollout for indie developers and hobbyists. JP brings his jack-of-all-trades attitude to the Oculus SDK team where he’ll work on all aspects of the Oculus SDK.

John Robertson

John Robertson - Senior Hardware Engineer

John was the lead Camera Design Engineer at Motion Analysis, the industry leader for 3D passive optical motion capture. He is an Encinitas native and attended UCSC and UCSD. Besides Oculus, John enjoys running, FPGA design, Japanese language study, and the great outdoors.

Kristen Romano

Kristen Romano - Executive Assistant

Kristen is an Orange County transplant from The Great White North. She has ventured between the worlds of Medicine and Real Estate, until finding her home with Oculus. Here, she’s excited to be surrounded by such a talented team and looks forward to providing support needed to continue building the future of VR.

Kenneth Scott

Kenneth Scott - Art Director

Kenneth is a Game Industry Art Director and has had the luck to work on such amazing IP’s as Doom, Quake, and mostly recently HALO. His NerdLove for 3D and Science Fiction couldn’t find a better home.

Dillon Seo

Dillon Seo - Business Manager

Dillon Seo, majored in Mathematics and Applied Statistics at University of Alberta, is Korea business manager at Oculus VR. He is a 10 year gaming industry veteran whose career includes various positions such as game master at Ndoors, business development manager at Korea Game Industry Agency, business director at Scaleform and sales executive at Autodesk. He is currently spearheading all marketing, sales, business development and developer relations activities in Korea.

Brian Sharp

Brian Sharp - Engineer

Brian has worked in the videogames industry since 1996. His first game, MindRover, was a finalist in the first ever GDC Independent Games Festival, and since then he’s contributed to AAA titles like Deus Ex 2, Spore, Halo: ODST, Halo: Reach and Bungie’s upcoming Destiny. In between game companies he did stints at hardware companies 3dfx and Ageia. He’s been a programmer on nearly every core engine subsystem and several major content pipelines. He’s managed and led teams for over a decade, and speaks regularly on leadership and communication at major industry conferences.

Jonathan M. Shine

Jonathan M. Shine - Mechanical Engineer

Jonathan’s initial interest in old game consoles led to the design of full-fledged portable Gamecubes. He brings these self-taught skills to oculus working as an engineer and prototyper.

Chris Starr

Chris Starr - Senior Recruiter

“Starr” is a former Marine bringing 17 years of recruiting experience to Oculus VR. He began his recruiting career as a “headhunter” focusing on the Intelligence Community (CIA/NSA/NGA/NRO) for 8 years before joining Booz Allen Hamilton where he moved from the East Coast to Colorado for 8.5 years providing full lifecyle recruiting support to Booz Allen’s Rocky Mountain region. He couldn’t wait to get to the sunshine of SoCal and align his expertise and passion for recruiting phenomenal talent with such an exciting company as Oculus VR. Viva the VR Revolution!

Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor - Engineer

Chris has been writing software since he was building wooden block forts, initially in adorable flavors of BASIC. Years of online game hacking motivated him to go deeper down the rabbit hole. Since then, he has designed, built, and delivered firmware and software for the US Air Force, Navy, and Army while pursuing an MSEE degree at Georgia Tech. After graduation, Chris did a brief two-year stint at a mobile social game startup in the SF bay area before joining us here at Oculus. His open-source contributions include cutting-edge lossless image compression, error correction codes, and public key encryption libraries. He enjoys rock-climbing and hiking in his spare time.

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas - Director of Mechanical Engineering

Matt is currently Director of Mechanical Engineering at Oculus VR where he is leading mechanical engineering and material selection to prepare the Oculus Rift for large scale production and robust consumer usage. Prior to Oculus, Matt was the Engineering Manager for the Military/Defense division at OAKLEY. Matt lead the Military Ballistic Eyewear Team from R&D prototype to full production implementation; successfully integrating and delivering all aspects of the product including advanced technology, wearable design, and design for manufacturability. Early career he worked with or alongside a few great mentors, namely Chip Foose (Overhaul in), Boyd Codington (American Hot Rod TV show). Matt had also implemented and taught companies such as HP, Mattel Toys & Nike in CAD/CAM. Matt’s 18 years of product development includes successful projects in medical, aerospace and automotive. Matt being a former student of Fullerton College with emphasis in Manufacturing Technology (CNC-Mold making) and Industrial Design (3D CAD). He also designed and fabricated parts that were on the JPL/NASA “Mars Lunar Lander-Rover”.

Nikolay Tolmachev

Nikolay Tolmachev - Web Engineer

Nikolay moved across the country from South Florida to join Oculus and is one of the first company’s employees. Started programming in the 5th grade back in Russia. Has two BS degrees from South Ural State University and Florida Atlantic University. In his free time enjoys hiking, biking, snowboarding and the nature in general.

Jordan Tritell

Jordan Tritell - Software Engineer

Jordan joined Oculus straight out of Indiana University. He worked in the Intelligent Motion Lab on the DARPA robotics competition. His background is in robotics, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science.

Callum Underwood

Callum Underwood - Development Relations Manager

Callum grew up in the North of England, where he spent most of his early life playing music, games, and reading science fiction. He began his career in the games industry, before moving to Intel, where he worked with some of the best games companies in the world. At Oculus, Callum is leading the charge with European developers to ensure that amazing content is built for amazing hardware. When Callum isn’t working, he helps his fiancée look after their two dumb dogs, Robot and Teddy.

Eric Vaughan

Eric Vaughan - Computer Vision Engineer

Originally from Ohio, Eric studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Toledo, and is excited to explore the many potential intersections of computer vision and virtual reality. He enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors and briefly considered mountain man as an alternate career choice.

Per Vognsen

Per Vognsen - Software Engineer

Per has been programming and playing games his whole life. After oscillating between programming and mathematics throughout his youth, he finally settled on his life’s passion and joined Epic Games in 2003 as an engine programmer, where he shipped Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Championship 2, and worked on Unreal Engine 2 and 3. Most recently he worked at RAD Game Tools on the Telemetry performance profiling system with fellow Oculus engineer Brian Hook. His new all-consuming passion is creating the VR future at Oculus in Seattle.

Tyler Walters

Tyler Walters - 3D Artist & Modeler

Tyler is a self taught 3D artist, with a background in large indie games. His career has allowed him to take on many different roles required for game development. At Oculus, he is responsible for the creation of breathtaking art and experiences that pave the way for future VR content. When he is not creating art, he is usually thinking about creating art. Tyler comes from a small town in Washington, called Sequim.

J.M.P. van Waveren

J.M.P. van Waveren - Senior Engineer

J.M.P. van Waveren studied computer science at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He has been developing technology for computer games for over 15 years and has been instrumental in the research and development of three generations of id Software technology used in a number of triple-A computer games such as: Quake III Arena, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, DOOM 3 and RAGE.

Adrian Wong

Adrian Wong - Metaverse Systems Engineer

Adrian is here to engineer dreams into (virtual) reality at Oculus VR. He comes from the early days of Google[x] leading hardware engineering teams for Project Glass — look for “>9K!” in the teardowns. Prior to Google, he did classified work at Sandia National Labs with nuclear weapons, physical security, and three letter agencies. The coolest thing he can publicly talk about is petting trained military dolphins and sea lions in the Navy.

Jonathan E. Wright

Jonathan E. Wright - Senior Engineer

Jonathan began programming when 16KB of RAM was considered a lot of memory. His interest in drawing and music led him immediately towards graphics and games, which he pursued voraciously until several of his Quake mods helped land him a job at infamous game studio ION Storm in 1997. In 1999 he co-founded game developer Third Law Interactive and has since contributed significantly to first-person shooters like KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child, DOOM 3 and RAGE in areas from rendering, to physics, to animation, to AI. When not tied to a computer, Jonathan enjoys many hobbies including writing, drawing, composing music, martial arts, piano, and teaching his daughter that she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Jeongkyu Wyi

Jeongkyu Wyi - Community Coordinator

Jeongkyu Wyi works in korea office, he has two roles. First one is community coordinator of korean forum and another one is demo artist. He can help others to have a fine VR gaming experience and environment because he has already tested many Motion controllers and 3D solutions before joining OculusVR (But it’s hard to say that those are all vr related stuffs). He wants to create next generation games and Oculus vr will give him a possibility to achieve it.

Chris Yabsley

Chris Yabsley - Senior Web Engineer

Chris is interested mainly in Javascript for client and server-side application development. He has been building web applications for over 8 years. In his spare time he is an avid comic book collector and car enthusiast.

Richard Yao, PhD

Richard Yao, PhD - Experimental Perceptual Psychologist

Richard is an experimental psychologist from the University of Illinois and a lifelong video game and tech nerd. While obtaining his Ph.D., his research interests centered on how your mind uses visual and multisensory information to construct a conscious experience of the world around you. Although he has worked for the Federal Aviation Administration, Motorola Solutions, and Microsoft in the past, Oculus VR is possibly the only company in the world truly interested in all the same things he is. He now spends his days researching ways to make the Rift as comfortable and immersive as possible.

Youngshik Yoon, PhD

Youngshik Yoon, PhD - Senior Optical Engineer

Originally from South Korea, Youngshik moved to the UK after graduating college to continue his study of optics. He has a wide range of experience in optical applications including micro-display projectors, 3D displays, cell phone cameras, biometric ID recognition systems, and spectrometers. At Oculus, he enjoys experimenting with new optical architectures and working with cross-functional engineering teams to solve tough challenges.