4-Month Unity Pro Trial for Oculus Devs

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March 22, 2013

The Unity – Oculus World Demo, a VR tech demo included with the Oculus integration.

With delivery of the Rift imminent, we’re putting the finishing touches on the first cut of the Oculus SDK. One big focus for the launch is the out-of-the-box Oculus integration plugin for Unity 4.

Unity is a great platform for game developers (especially for people who may be completely new to creating games). Versatility makes Unity great — Shadowgun, The Room, Year Walk, and Guns of Icarus are just a few Unity titles that show the engine’s flexibility.

The Oculus plugin makes it easy to get started building 3D VR content for the Rift. Most of the integration steps (head-tracking, stereo rendering, and lens pre-warp) are taken care for you, which frees you up to focus on great gameplay. Internally, we’ve been using Unity to prototype different game types in VR (racing, third-person, flight simulators). We actually include a Unity version of the Oculus World Demo (pictured above) with the SDK.

Peter and Palmer show off a demo we’re calling “Oculus DriVR”, a simple racing game we built in a few hours using this package from the Unity Asset Store. Our best lap is 1:09:42; come try to beat it at GDC!

We’ve been collaborating with the Unity team on the Oculus integration, adding and exposing new engine features to make the Oculus + Unity experience even better but the Oculus plugin requires features that are currently limited to Unity Pro, including shaders for optical distortion and access to the Rift hardware.

With that in mind, the team’s excited to announce that Oculus has partnered with Unity to include a free, 4-month Unity Pro trial license with every Oculus development kit! The extended Unity Pro trial license means that Oculus developers will have everything they need to start building VR games in Unity.

We’d like to thank Unity for making this possible!

Nilay Patel of the Verge dives into some of our early Oculus + Unity demos on Top Shelf at CES 2013. Video courtesy of the Verge.

We’ll be demoing the Oculus integration for Unity at GDC next week. Swing by booth 208 to check it out and tell us what you think!

We’ll see you at GDC!

— Palmer and the Oculus team