A Closer Look at the New Oculus for Business

Oculus Blog
September 25, 2019

Today at OC6, we pulled back the curtain and announced that the new Oculus for Business platform will launch in November. Built for easy adoption and scalability across a variety of industries, Oculus for Business is transforming the workplace, making large-scale deployments possible while expanding market opportunities for a growing community of VR developers.

VR is already transforming how we work, from helping car manufacturers prototype designs more efficiently to helping hospitals more effectively train surgeons. Industries across the spectrum are benefiting from enhanced training and collaboration, product demonstrations, and more. Still, deploying VR solutions at scale has been difficult, especially with a large or distributed workforce. Developers haven’t had the means to scale their businesses within the realities and requirements of enterprise. Now with Oculus for Business, there’s a comprehensive approach to scaled deployments of the leading all-in-one headsets, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.

Scalable Deployments Made Easy
It starts with software designed to grow alongside the needs of customers, with new and easy-to-use cloud-based management tools. Our new Device Setup app (available on Android to start) lets you set up and provision large numbers of headsets at once, and the Device Manager control center lets administrators manage headsets by updating settings and deploying apps remotely across multiple offices and locations. Oculus for Business also supports provisioning services, like MobileIron and VMWare Airwatch.

Focused and Streamlined VR
Our new enterprise software also extends to the in-headset experience. A redesigned UI places company content front-and-center without the clutter of unapproved apps or consumer features, helping employees stay focused while boosting information retention and general output. Features include a sleek enterprise app launcher and kiosk mode, so you can launch directly into a predetermined app. We’re also introducing controller-free input, including gaze-based navigation and, soon, hand tracking on Quest to make working and training in VR more intuitive for a greater number of people—regardless of previous VR experience.

A Reliable and Secure Business Partner
Customers want to know their data is safe and that interactions remain private. Building on the same infrastructure and principles of Workplace, Oculus for Business follows strict data handling protocols to store data. Oculus for Business also provides a new help portal with dedicated customer support including live chat, phone, and email, and rapid replacement to minimize downtime and get things back on track.

Regardless of the industry or vertical, Oculus for Business can help companies realize their vision. Whether it’s rethinking automotive design or training a global workforce, choosing the right VR partner is a critical step in expanding markets for business and developers alike. Oculus for Business is in closed beta today and will launch in November. For more information on pricing and how you can get involved, please visit oculus.com/business.