A More Flexible Oculus Move, Improved Gifting, and More in the Latest Oculus Software Update

Oculus Blog
August 23, 2021

Where does the time go? It feels like just yesterday we were kicking off the year with v25 and rolling out App Lab to the masses. Now it’s August, there are hundreds of App Lab games available, and somehow we’ve made it all the way to v32. Unbelievable.

But we still have a few features up our sleeve before the year is out. With v32, we’re rolling out new changes to Oculus Move, improvements to the App Gifting process, and more.

You’ll find all the pertinent details before, and remember: We roll software updates out gradually, so if you put your headset on today and it’s not there? Don’t worry, that’s normal. We’ll have it out to you soon.

Moving On Up

We launched Oculus Move last November to help you keep track of your VR fitness journey. Whether you’re a Supernatural devotee or a casual Pistol Whip player, Oculus Move helps track how active you are with the headset on and how many calories you’ve burned. It’s a super useful tool, and we’ve been excited to see so many of you integrating Quest 2 into your workout routine.

But working out every day is tough—and not always what your body needs. With v32, we’re giving you a bit more flexibility by changing Daily Goals to Weekly Goals. When you open Oculus Move, you’ll be prompted to select how many days you want to work out per week. Achieve your Weekly Goal, and we’ll highlight it on the redesigned Move Calendar so you can easily monitor and track your wins!

We’re also rethinking our suggestions for new users. Fitness is a habit you need to build. It starts with a single day, sure, but we want to help you exercise for years to come. And so on day one? It’s okay to start small! We’re reflecting this long-term thinking by revising our suggested Calorie Goals and Move Minutes to help make those early days and weeks more attainable. Don’t worry: We’ll nudge you to update your goals based on your performance.

Lastly, we know that fitness is a social activity for many of you. Being “in it together” can be motivating, and when you nail your goals for the week or finish an especially hard workout in Creed: Rise to Glory you should be able to share that with others, whether to celebrate your own performance or inspire some friendly competition. With v32, you can now share your workout stats directly from Oculus Move to Facebook, including Groups, Messenger, and your timeline. It’s okay to show off a little.

Seamless Gifting

We’re also updating the App Gifting experience to make it a little easier than before. Until now, App Gifting was only available by accessing the Oculus Store through a browser or the Oculus mobile app. But what happens when you’re browsing the Oculus Store with your headset on and see a game you want to buy for someone?

Starting with v32, the answer is: “Just buy it for them.” We’re adding the ability to send someone a gift from right there in the headset. Look for the “⋮” menu on the product page, choose “Buy for a Friend,” type in their email address, and send it right over. Need a gift idea? You can start with this list of must-play Quest games.

All Your People in One (Virtual) Place

Everyone knows that VR is better with friends. With v32, you can now easily find, join, and chat with your Facebook and Oculus friends from one place while you’re in VR. Just navigate to the People tab in Messenger, and you’ll find a single list of your Oculus and Facebook friends to make it easier for you to reach all your online connections.

No need to worry about your Oculus friends seeing your Facebook activity! Facebook and Oculus friends remain separate, so your Oculus friends still can’t see your Facebook profile or activity unless you separately add them as friends on Facebook.

Syncing Your VR Media

In May, we expanded the Infinite Office suite of system-level features with the introduction of Files App—a new way to stay organized and intuitively access, browse, manage, and share the files saved on your headset.

With v32, we’re rolling out an update that will let you automatically sync your saved media files directly to the Oculus mobile app from your headset, so you can easily access, edit, download, and share photos and videos captured in VR while you’re out of the headset.

To get started, simply open the Files App from your Quest app library and select the cloud icon in the top-right corner of the panel. It’s that easy! Now if you want to show off photos of your latest Gravity Sketch project or save and share footage of a clutch POPULATION: ONE win from the convenience of your smartphone, we have you covered.

All your synced media files can be found in the Oculus mobile app. Look for the “Synced Media” section under the Devices tab. Media will be unsynced and automatically removed from your Oculus app after 14 days.

As always, v32 will roll out gradually to all Quest and Quest 2 headsets, so please be patient if you don’t see the update today! We’ll have it out to you as soon as possible.