A New Chapter for Medium: Joining the Adobe Family

Oculus Blog
December 6, 2019

When we launched Medium—an immersive 3D sculpting tool—alongside the original Oculus Touch controllers in December 2016, our goal was to explore VR applications beyond gaming and give artists across the globe a new way to create. Since then, we’ve seen an amazing community of professionals and amateurs alike embrace VR and incorporate Medium into the production pipeline. We even launched a season of esports dedicated to competitive sculpting. And today, we’re excited to share that Medium is joining the Adobe family!

Adobe is one of the world’s leading creation software companies, and they’re committed to providing best-in-class 3D and immersive tools for artists, including Adobe Dimension and the Substance tools suite. Medium joining the Adobe family brings both new talent and technology to Adobe and solidifies Medium’s position as a premier sculpting application and professional tool.

To date, Medium has been used by AAA game developers, indie VR developers, feature film concept artists, VFX artists, makers, and more. And with Adobe’s support, Medium will be able to better help creators thrive and shape their 3D visions than ever before.

This is an important milestone for the entire VR community as it demonstrates VR’s maturation and value in the realms of productivity and non-gaming use cases. We look forward to Medium’s continued evolution in the years to come as Adobe works to advance the field of 3D modeling.

To our passionate Medium users, nothing is changing for you today. And the app is currently still free when you activate your new Oculus Touch controllers on the Oculus Store. Stay tuned for more features, improvements, and other developments coming from Adobe in 2020 as Medium continues to evolve.

Today’s news is a continuation of our journey to revolutionize 3D art creation, and we have the Medium community to thank. You’ve delighted us with your creations, surprised us by your use cases, and guided us with your feedback. Medium wouldn’t be where it is today without your pioneering spirit and your commitment to this journey. We can’t wait to take this next step with you.

— The Medium Team