A New Chapter for Puzzle Adventure ‘Moss,’ Now Available on Rift

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Posted by Oculus VR
June 7, 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to step into your own fairytale, then today’s your perfect chance. Sporting newly integrated Touch compatibility, Moss is a children’s storybook come to life, starring one of the cutest heroines we’ve ever seen. With all the charm and whimsy of family favorites like The Secret of NIMH and The Tale of Despereaux, this is a single-player adventure you won’t actually play alone. And we’re excited to announce that the Polyarc game Polygon called “a giant leap for VR” is now available on Rift!

Released on PlayStation VR earlier this year, Moss tells the story of Quill, a headstrong mouse, and the player, known simply as the “Reader.” Together, you embark on a larger-than-life quest to save Quill’s kidnapped uncle and besieged kingdom from Sarffog, a fire-breathing snake.

“You and Quill get to discover the world together,” says Polyarc Design Director Danny Bulla. “You’ll also see Quill learn about herself and get to experience the game’s emotional highs and lows together. It’s very personal—you want to help her, both as her companion and her protector.”

At the heart of the tale is the relationship you form with its protagonist. What starts as a chance encounter between two strangers—one of whom (the Reader) is a floating apparition—soon transforms into a surprisingly real partnership rarely seen in games.

“Early on, we wanted the player to feel like a real character—not a camera,” says Polyarc Art Director Chris Anderson. “It was really important that Quill acknowledge players at every opportunity—like in combat and when you’re healing her. That’s what separates VR adventures from typical adventure games, that real companion aspect.”

As the Reader, it’s your job to ensure Quill survives the many obstacles and enemies lurking in the game’s dollhouse-like dungeons and cathedrals. With the added benefit of Touch, everything from puzzles and combat to exploration and beyond feels more responsive and tactile. You control Quill like in any third-person game, but now with two hands at your disposal, you’re able to do things at once, like healing Quill while simultaneously keeping enemies at bay.

Current fans of Moss can enjoy improvements across the board. For starters, Polyarc bumped up texture resolution considerably, making use of the added horsepower of VR-ready PCs. There’s an increase in draw distance, heightened detail in reflective surfaces, and myriad other flourishes. You’ll also find added support for subtitles in various languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese. As an added bonus, Moss boasts three save slots, making it easy to share the experience with friends and family without compromising your own in-game progress.

Ready to meet Quill? Explore the beautifully stylized world of Moss on Rift today!

— The Oculus Team