A New Milestone for Quill

Oculus Blog
September 16, 2021

During a 48-hour hackathon in October 2015, Iñigo Quilez created the first version of what would eventually become Quill. It was born out of the creative needs of Dear Angelica, the first illustrative short film to be entirely hand-painted inside of VR. What started as a scrappy internal tool grew into an app used by amateur and professional storytellers alike. Works created with Quill have graced the stages of Sundance, the CTN Animation Expo, and the Venice International Film Festival. And today marks an important new milestone for VR animation as Quill returns to its roots under the ownership of its creator, Iñigo Quilez, and his new company, Smoothstep. Please visit Quill by Smoothstep’s website at quill.art to learn more about Quill by Smoothstep, which is now available on the Oculus Store.

In addition, Smoothstep has open sourced the Quill Theater’s immersive content distribution file format (IMM) and an IMM player, which we hope will result in an expanded creator and audience ecosystem for VR animation.

Beginning on October 18, the Quill app will be removed from the Oculus Store. Existing Quill owners will still be able to use the app after October 18, but it will no longer be supported by Oculus, and creators will be unable to upload their work directly to Oculus Media Studio from the Quill app. Instead, they’ll need to manually upload their creations to Oculus Media Studio. Quill content uploaded to Oculus Media Studio or published to Oculus TV prior to or after October 18, 2021 will continue to be available on Oculus, at least for the foreseeable future.

Quill Theater will remain available on the Oculus Store for Quest and Quest 2, but it will be rebranded as VR Animation Player after October 18.

We’re excited for this next step in the evolution of Quill, and we can’t wait to see where Iñigo takes it. Check out Quill by Smoothstep on the Oculus Store today.