Accelerating the Path to the Future of Work with Oculus for Business

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September 16, 2020

A year ago, we introduced the Oculus for Business platform and shared our vision for the Future of Work—one in which people could do their jobs effectively from anywhere in the world using the power of virtual reality.

As Maria Fernandez Guajardo, Director, Future of Work at Facebook Reality Labs, explained today at Facebook Connect, our vision of allowing people to work from anywhere without sacrificing economic opportunity and productivity hasn’t changed, but there’s a new sense of urgency. With millions of us working from home every day, we’ve all had to do our best to use standard tools like email, video conferencing, and chat to stay connected with colleagues and keep business moving forward.

The Oculus for Business team knows that VR can help us work better. By freeing us from the limitations of physical space, VR can make remote work feel far less remote. It can bring us together in more authentic ways, spark new ideas, and boost our at-work efficiency and effectiveness.

That’s why our team is accelerating efforts to bring about the Future of Work—and all its benefits—as quickly as possible.

Harnessing VR Superpowers for Drug Discovery, Civil Engineering, and More

As we continue to evolve the Oculus for Business platform, we’re gaining knowledge and inspiration from the many innovative independent software vendors (ISVs) creating the next generation of enterprise VR applications.

For example, Nanome has built a cutting-edge VR solution for molecular modeling so medicinal chemists can physically interact with molecular structures as they attempt to design breakthrough medicines. InsiteVR has created a platform allowing building designers, owners, and construction professionals to walk through 3D models of projects together to identify issues and solutions. And Spatial empowers remote team members—each represented by a photorealistic 3D avatar—to meet and collaborate in virtual project rooms.

These ISVs are helping companies take advantage of what we call the “superpowers” of VR—special capabilities that improve collaboration, productivity, remote work, training, and more. VR superpowers include:

- Real-time Collaboration: Share a virtual workspace with anyone, anywhere.
- Spatial Memory: Learn quickly and retain information through contextual experiences.
- Big Dollar Savings: Collaborate without the cost of travel, in-person training, and more.
- Time Efficiencies: Maximize time with screen sharing, virtual whiteboarding, and more.
- Unlimited Re-Do’s: Master tasks through repetition and iterate with no additional cost.
- High Stakes, Less Risk: Train for high-risk jobs and procedures in a safe environment.
- Impossible Scenarios: Train and collaborate in ways not possible in the real world.
- Varied Perspectives: Learn soft skills and step into new viewpoints to build empathy.

Every year, more companies are discovering the value of VR at work and adopting VR to address the needs of their business. That’s where Oculus for Business can help.

Taking Oculus for Business to the Next Level

Oculus for Business was built for professional environments with features like cloud-based device management, enterprise-grade support, and extended hardware warranties. Most critically, our platform is built on the infrastructure and privacy practices of Workplace from Facebook, an enterprise collaboration platform with more than 5 million paid users worldwide.

Oculus for Business offers business-friendly ways to login like Workplace ID for admins or no account at all for end users.

And now, we’re introducing new resources and hardware to help companies get started with VR and help ISVs meet the growing demand for enterprise VR applications.

Supporting Companies and ISVs

Companies need more than just Oculus headsets to bring VR experiences to life. They also need VR applications that immerse users in virtual scenarios where they can learn, train, practice, design, analyze, and collaborate.

To help companies find custom or off-the-shelf commercial VR applications for their Oculus headsets—and to help talented ISVs drive more business—we just unveiled the Oculus for Business ISV Directory. This curated database lists all the 600+ qualified VR solution providers in the Oculus ISV Program, and it offers filtering and search capabilities that help companies find ISVs by use case, industry vertical, and country.

We’re also making it easier for companies and ISVs to work together. Later this year, we’ll launch Business Channels, which let ISVs deliver applications directly to customers’ headsets while still giving company admins control of their deployments.

ISVs can access Quest apps through the Business Channel on the Oculus Developer Dashboard. After connecting with ISVs through the dashboard, business customers can then access relevant apps through a management console and deploy them to one headset or many. And with full control over app updates, company admins can receive new features through automatic updates or set a custom schedule.

Announcing Quest 2 with a Better Experience for Business Users

At Facebook Connect, we also introduced Oculus Quest 2, a new headset that builds off the momentum of Quest and offers a number of features and benefits for enterprise customers. Designed with enhanced performance and ergonomics, the headset is lightweight and can be paired with our new Elite Strap with Battery to extend battery life and make the headset more comfortable to wear for longer work sessions.

Quest 2 will be great for work. It has a higher-resolution display and faster processing than the original Quest, so text is more crisp, complex models and experiences load quickly, and more people can collaborate in VR sessions.

Priced at just $799 USD per enterprise SKU, Quest 2 offers a lower total cost of ownership and makes it easier to deploy more headsets throughout an organization. The Oculus Quest 2 enterprise SKU comes with an extended two-year warranty, one year of the Oculus for Business software platform, and premium support.

Learn more about Oculus for Business.