Aerosol Art: Get Creative with ‘Kingspray Graffiti,’ Out Now on Oculus Quest

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October 17, 2019

VR lets you do all sorts of stuff you can’t do in everyday life, or just don’t want to do. In the case of Kingspray Graffiti, it allows you to practice a niche and risque art form while avoiding pesky legal repercussions. Already available for the Rift Platform, Kingspray Graffiti is now available on Oculus Quest!

First things first: Kingspray Graffiti isn’t a game. You won’t find high scores or boss encounters anywhere in the experience. What you’ll find instead is one of the most unique apps available for VR, taking a specialized kind of art—one that’s risky to practice outside of VR—and turns it into something fun and legal.

From developer Infectious Ape, Kingspray Graffiti includes just about everything a virtual street artist could ever want. The experience begins with a set of 10 photorealistic environments to choose from, each with surfaces of varying tone and texture, like brick, rock, metal, and glass. From there, you can choose from a wide assortment of sprays, caps, and colors, including all real-world Ironlak gloss acrylic and metallic paints. If you want to collaborate on a piece, you can share a single location with up to four other would-be artists.

After you’ve sprayed your heart out, it’s time to share your creation with the world. Kingspray Graffiti lets you display your work in a variety of exciting ways, and the virtual Phone Camera lets you take selfies to share on Instagram. There’s even a 360 Panoramic Capture mode to take immersive shots of your new piece.

If you’re ready to dip into the world of street art, try Kingspray Graffiti on Oculus Quest or the Rift Platform today!

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