‘Among Us VR’ Coming to the Quest Store

Oculus Blog
December 9, 2021

Sound the alarms! We’ve called this Emergency Meeting to deliver some important news: Among Us is coming to VR—including the Quest Store. Check out the debut trailer, as seen during The Game Awards 2021:

Among Us VR will keep what made the original party game so awesome. Players attempt to get their spaceship in working order, priming the shields or diverting power to various subsystems. Easy enough—except one or more members of the Crew are secretly Impostors, tasked with sabotaging and killing off the crew. Among Us at its best involves everyone accusing everyone, with the Crew trying to ejectImpostors from the airlock and Impostors trying to get Crewmates to turn on each other. Nobody is above suspicion.

Now imagine the same game, but in first-person and more immersive than ever. Developed by Innersloth, Robot Teddy, and Schell Games, Among Us VR is a tense social deduction game in the vein of the original, but built-for-VR with the help of the same studio that brought you I Expect You To Die, I Expect You To Die 2, and Until You Fall.

Grab your headset and step into the Skeld. Go hands-on with the ship’s systems—but watch out, because an Impostor is undoubtedly trying to get the drop on you, and it’s pretty hard to watch your own back in first-person.

It’s worth noting that this is a completely new way to play Among Us, and that this VR version will be its own separate and standalone multiplayer experience. No word yet whether Geoff Keighley will make a cameo in VR—stay tuned for more details (including a release date) in the future!