‘Arizona Sunshine’ Brings the Zombie Apocalypse to Oculus Quest

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Posted by Vertigo Games
December 5, 2019

Hi everyone,

Arizona Sunshine for Oculus Quest has arrived!

Check out the live-action launch trailer here:

Over the past months, we have been hard at work bringing the Arizona Sunshine experience players have come to love over to this all-new platform. We’re excited to finally be able to show you what the game looks and plays like in Quest gameplay video.

“Once we learned how to work well with Quest, we were amazed by its capabilities. It really made us think differently about how to create games and how to utilize hardware,” says Vertigo Games Lead Tech Trevor Blom. “The potential power of Quest has made it possible for us to create the real Arizona Sunshine experience on a standalone HMD.” For those interested in the more technical/development side of things, we’ll be sharing more details and insights on how we managed this in a separate Oculus blog post soon.

Day one is just the beginning! We’re also happy to confirm that in the months following launch, Quest players will be able to enjoy hordes of new content confirmed for Arizona Sunshine. The first update to arrive will be the free Two-Handed Weapons Update this December, adding two-handed mode including an array of new two-handed weapons to the platform.

And that’s not all: we’ve got more post-launch content confirmed for 2020. Check out the packed roadmap and information below:

Old Mine Horde Mode Update
Set in the depths of the Old Mine, this new map has you start out with only one flashlight. You’ll need to think tactically to both defend your hideout and take chances on vital supply runs in an utterly dark map, encouraging team play.

Undead Valley Horde Mode Update
Undead Valley puts a fresh spin on the VR zombie shooters survival mode gameplay. Set in an old, zombie-infested transport warehouse-turned-underground casino close to Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay ahead of the horde in this map by unlocking new areas, and finding new weapons, ammo, and tactical positions as you go.

Dead Man DLC
Taking place in the final days before the apocalypse, the Arizona Sunshine – Dead Man DLC Pack will drop you in an infested US missile base where you will lead a desperate attempt by US Army Special Forces to constrain the expanding zombie outbreak. It’s up to your squad to clear the base and launch a missile vital to stopping the spread of zombies in the southern US states.

The Damned DLC
Discover a brand-new chapter in The Damned DLC, preceding the Arizona Sunshine story so far. Crawl into the skin of an all-new protagonist and explore an iconic megastructure infested by the undead as you put your VR zombie survival skills to the test in the largest Arizona Sunshine mission to date.

Arizona Sunshine is available now on Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform. We hope to survive the VR zombie apocalypse with you soon!

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