‘Arizona Sunshine’ Gets Free Old Mine Update on Oculus Quest!

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Posted by Vertigo Games
January 30, 2020

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a free, new horde mode map to Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest! Survive an endless onslaught of Freddies in a new map set in the terrifying depths of the Old Mine.

Set foot in the dimly lit depths of the Old Dutchman Mine, well-known among fans for being one of the most terrifying locations of Arizona Sunshine’s campaign. Its hallways are caved in and its underground structures are falling apart. Surrounded by darkness, with a single flashlight to light your way, the key to survival is to keep moving, gathering vital supplies while you’re at it. Use the stairs, platforms, and explosive barrels to your advantage while you hold your ground against zombies coming at you from the shadows. Single- and two-handed weapons, grenades, and ammo are scattered around the mine, and you’ll need to explore to obtain the resources necessary to survive. But watch out, because Freddies are lurking around every corner, and they may have found new ways to get to you. We recommend bringing a friend—or three!

Survival Tips

  1. Get to know the map. Explore as much as you can early on. Knowing where the ammo will be is a big advantage when the Freddies are coming.
  2. The Freddies are endless. Before you can clear the first wave, another wave is already incoming! So keep moving and keep collecting ammo—you will definitely need it.
  3. Build a solid loadout. A shotgun and a pistol is a good combo. Try to aim for the head to conserve ammo, and when they get too close, use your shotgun to get rid of them fast.
  4. Bring a friend—or three. You’re stronger in a party. Having someone watch your back while you reload is vital, and getting that new weapon from a difficult spot is easier with someone at your side.

The next free update, “Undead Valley,” will add another Horde mode map with its own unique challenges to Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest in February. For a reminder of what else is to come, check out the content roadmap below.

Everyone who owns Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest plays the Old Mine Update entirely for free starting today. Get Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest now!

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