Back to Batuu: ‘Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge’ Adds New ‘Last Call’ Expansion Today

Oculus Blog
September 15, 2021

Infamous antiquities dealer Dok-Ondar is looking for someone to...collect something for him. Are you up to the task? If so, you’ll want to jump into the new Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge expansion Last Call, out today on the Oculus Quest Platform.

Return to the planet Batuu—newly freed (thanks to your efforts last year) from the threat of the Guavian Death Gang, but still ripe for adventure. Last Call sends you to new locations across Batuu, including the Sardeevem Chasm and the Cavern of the Moons. Battle back a new threat and unravel the clues that will help you recover a long-lost artifact before it falls into the wrong hands.

And be careful, lest your heroics draw the attention of the First Order.

Exploring Batuu is better than ever, thanks to a whole host of new toys in Mubo’s Workshop. Invest your hard-fought spoils in a visor that highlights enemies, gloves that automatically replenish your health, holsters that replenish your ammo, and more. You can even upgrade to a more mobile hoverpack and fly around while dealing out damage to enemies below.

Need a break? Lovable cantina owner Seezelslak also returns to regale you with new Tales of ages past. Slip into the clanking boots of infamous assassin IG-88, traveling to the Smugglers’ Moon of Nar Shaddaa to carry out a bounty—no matter how many people try to stop you. You’ll also continue the story of Ady Sun’Zee, now an esteemed Jedi Knight trying to teach her own Padawan in the ways of the Force.

It’s like three adventures in one, and all for just $9.99 USD. And if you’ve been holding off on Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll be able to grab the base game plus the Last Call expansion for $34.99 USD. Grab your Quest, charter the nearest ship to a galaxy far, far away—and may the Force be with you.