‘Beat Saber’ Turns Four: Celebrate the Anniversary With Free Remixes, Out Today

Oculus Blog
June 14, 2022

Can you believe that Beat Saber is four years old? Since its release in 2018, the rhythm slasher has become one of the most popular VR games in the world, and Beat Games has been busy keeping the experience fresh with a ton of updates and Music Packs. But it’s okay if you forgot to get a present: The studio has one for you in the form of free tracks that remix two of the most recognizable Jaroslav Beck songs from the first OST.

The two new remixes are “Escape (Tokyo Machine Remix)” from EDM DJ Tokyo Machine and “100$ Bills (Camellia's ‘215$-Step’ Remix)” from Japanese composer Camellia. Both artists are well-known in the Beat Saber community, and their remixes are extremely challenging to play—make sure you warm up first! The tracks are available now on the Rift and Quest Platforms.

“It was super fun to give my own spin on something so iconic in the VR and rhythm game scene,” says Tokyo Machine. “My first drum ’n’ bass vibe check!”

You can find the remixes in the Extras section of your song library (you might notice the main menu’s spiffy new anniversary theme as well). Beat Games also included a new anniversary themed environment to play in, complete with cakes and banners! This new level, known as The Second, is a remake of the original OST 1 environment (The First).

As part of the celebrations, we spoke with Camellia about his remix track and how contributing music to Beat Saber has affected his career over the years.

What’s it been like seeing the Beat Saber community discover your music through VR?

Camellia: It’s absolutely fantastic to see people finding my music from their experience enjoying VR! I’ve been playing video games since I was four or five years old (I barely remember anything from then other than that). As I grew up, my attention turned to making music. But I still loved games, and there were always games that introduced me to amazing tunes. As you know, VR is introducing us to a whole new world of technology and creativity, which I’m really enjoying every day. It’s an absolute honor to be involved with the VR world.

Why’d you pick Jaroslav Beck’s “$100 Bills” for your anniversary remix?

CM: Because it was a banger, of course! There are a lot of cool tracks from the OSTs—like “Rum ’n’ Bass,” “Unlimited Power,” and “Give A Little Love”—so it was hard to pick just one to remix. Among those sick tracks, “$100 Bills” is really straightforward and simple. That means I can flip the idea to something easier during the process of remixing, rather than a complex one. And I still have a lot of room to play with the rhythm and iconic vocals. So I felt it was a really interesting choice.

One thing I should say is I’ve never been to the US, so I’ve never had a $100 bill before. I wonder how it’ll feel when I get one!

Your songs have a reputation for being really challenging in the game. Did that surprise you at all? Is it something you think about when you create new music for Beat Saber?

CM: I want to say, YES IT DID! But I’ll be honest: No, it didn’t surprise me. The first time I heard that my tracks were extraordinarily difficult, it was somewhat expected, and it made me happy that a lot of players enjoyed and struggled with my songs (please don’t hate me). Since my music is really fast-paced, filled with a lot of rapid melodies, and embedded with intense blows of complicated rhythm, they tend to be “boss tracks” across a lot of rhythm games. It eventually became more expected as time passed and as I worked with the rhythm game community to make high-level tracks.

I might just be getting used to it—although the difficulty of “GHOST,” “Spin Eternally,” and “Final-Boss-Chan” is still really challenging and insane! I’ve been trying to beat some of the Expert+ maps of my songs, but they’re currently impossible for me.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

CM: Thank you so much for everything! I’m just a guy who was introduced to the VR world recently thanks to Beat Saber, but it really was one of those life-changing events. There are a ton of people who have a really kind heart, and they’ve taught me everything related to VR since I started playing Beat Saber. Being involved with such a wholesome community is a truly happy opportunity! Hope you enjoy playing Beat Saber and VR!

Arigato gozaimasu!

You can try out the new anniversary tracks for yourself in Beat Saber on the Rift and Quest Platforms.