Behind the Scenes of ‘B-Team,’ Part 1 of 3

Oculus Blog
Posted by Twisted Pixel Games
March 27, 2020

B-Team launched on Oculus Quest this week, and to celebrate, Twisted Pixel Games is taking readers behind the scenes of this arcade action-adventure game in a three-part weekly blog series.

B-Team hits the ground running... literally. The first level shows off the first of three gameplay modes, asking players to navigate treacherous terrain while avoiding enemies and obstacles in the middle of a full-scale alien invasion. To help you through, you’ll be using the abilities of each of the members of the B-Team.

“An important goal for us was to make it feel like the whole B-Team was involved in the action throughout the game, but for a lot of the gameplay it would have been really unwieldy to control multiple characters at the same time,” said Mike Henry, Senior Engineer on B-Team. “When we came up with the character switcher, it felt like a natural way of getting the feeling we wanted without making you grow an extra pair of hands.”

This switching mechanic is the throughline that unites all the gameplay modes, giving you access to different skills. Each of these skills reflects something important about the character, whether it’s the scrapped together hover jets of the Engineer or the devastating punches of the Muscle.

“We knew right away that we wanted the Leader to be able to call in airstrikes on the radio, and the Muscle to punch people, but the other two took a little more thought,” Henry recalled. “One of the parts of the Ranger’s concept bio was that he thinks he’s a ninja, so we decided that he’d be good at sneaking through security zones. The Engineer felt a little like a wannabe Iron Man, so we gave him little hand jets that could only get him a few feet off the ground that could lead to some platforming.”

These skills help you overcome more elaborate obstacles that pepper the ever-changing environments you run through. Need to get through a minefield? Use the Ranger’s scouting ability to find the path. Giant robot shooting you from the sky? Get the Leader to call in an airstrike to take it out.

“We had a set of base ideas for hazard shapes and how they could behave as you ran through them, and then let our artists run wild skinning them to the environment, like the falling ruins in the Jungle, or the trucks and wrecking balls in the City,” said Henry.

Not only do you have the main campaign runner missions, but when you complete each of the three environments you’ll unlock the option to do Endless Runner mode for that environment. There you can earn medals, the currency for unlocking the plethora of rewards available in B-Team, as well as compete for the top spot on our leaderboards.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Try to get used to each character’s abilities early. There are pop-ups that can give you hints as to which characters to use, but it’s much easier to react quickly if you can do that by reflex.
  • When doing endless mode, remember that your score is calculated by Distance Travelled x Medals Collected. It may seem like a medal will be hard to grab, but it might be worth it for the all-important multiplier it provides.
  • The door puzzles in the Arctic environment can be a bit tricky. You’ll have to trigger all three colors to open it so you can pass without taking damage.

Tune in next Friday for more on B-Team’s gameplay modes, and check the game out for yourself on Quest and Oculus Go.