The 6 Best VR Cooking Games on the Meta Quest + Rift Platforms

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April 22, 2022

Have a blast in the kitchen without the mess when you play VR cooking games. Meta Quest features titles that’ll have you running your own restaurant, crafting delicious meals, and playing with friends to serve up culinary delights.

Unleash your inner chef and check out some of the best VR cooking games available on the Quest and Rift Platforms.

6. Clash of Chefs VR

Here’s your opportunity to run your own kitchen, but watch out for flying food, courtesy of your competition. Clash of Chefs VR offers competitive VR gameplay where you can test yourself against pre-recorded or live players to see who can craft drinks, burgers, and pasta the fastest. With orders coming in at a rapid pace, you'll need to showcase your chef skills at a high level to win.

Available Now on the Quest and Rift Platforms for $19.99 USD

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5. Planet Pizza

Brave the cold void of the galaxy in a spaceship, creating and delivering pizzas in record time. Planet Pizza is a fun twist on VR cooking games by adding delivery into the mix. Take too long to craft and deliver a pizza and your angry intergalactic customers will take out their dissatisfaction on your score.

Available Now on the Rift Platform for Free

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4. The Cooking Game VR

Trade guns for mustard and ketchup bottles in the fast-paced PvP action of The Cooking Game VR. The scene is a typical fast food operation, but the complexity increases as you progress through levels and outplay your opponent with upgraded equipment and finesse. Grill hamburgers and hot dogs, garnish your servings like a pro, and stay ahead of the competition to win.

Available Now on the Rift Platform for $7.99 USD

Recommended if You Like: Vacation Simulator, Cooking Fever

3. Counter Fight ICHIRAN

Noodle on this, ramen fans: Counter Fight ICHIRAN is a VR cooking simulator that takes the popular ICHIRAN ramen chain from Japan into cyberspace. Run your own store and live out a day in the life of an ICHIRAN employee, where you’ll have to use your culinary skills to fulfill orders and snag a high score.

Available Now on the Quest Platform for $14.99 USD

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2. Cook-Out

Inhabit a magical forest full of hungry (but mostly friendly) creatures in desperate need of delicious sandwiches. While players can enjoy Cook-Out alone, seamless cooperative gameplay and multiplayer functionality make it easy to bring friends along. Put together sandwiches in increasingly difficult levels and fight off creatures intent on making trouble in your new restaurant.

Available Now the Quest and Rift Platforms for $19.99 USD

Recommended if You Like: The Under Presents, Overcooked

1. Lost Recipes

In Lost Recipes, you enter a fictional world where you’re a Ghost Chef in Training. Cook for ghosts from past and present civilizations and recreate authentic food from historic Greek, Mayan, and Chinese cultures in this relaxing VR cooking game. This single-player game prides itself in honing your cooking skills by rewarding you for taking your time and finishing each recipe as accurately as possible. Lost Recipes is based on extensive cultural research that brings the game’s historic foods, kitchen tools, cooking techniques, and locations to life.

Available Now on the Quest Platform for $14.99 USD

Recommended if You Like: Fujii, Overcooked 2

What's Cooking?

Find new VR cooking games, including VR kitchen simulators, cooperative restaurant fun, and fast-paced competitive action, on the Quest Store.