4 Immersive VR Documentary Films to Watch In 2022

Oculus Blog
April 21, 2022

Documentaries are designed to open up new worlds, and Meta Quest makes the viewing experience even more powerful with 360° films.

Today, VR movies are making an impact around the globe. With VR documentaries, you’re invited to get up close and personal with people from all walks of life—whether that’s someone across town or halfway around the world. Here are four of the most engaging must-experience VR documentary films available on Meta Quest.

1. Traveling While Black

Traveling While Black is a 360° VR documentary that shares some of the past and present dangers faced by Black Americans while traveling. You’ll meet patrons at the historic Washington, DC restaurant Ben’s Chili Bowl who reflect on how race has impacted their ability to see the world. You’ll also meet Samaria Rice—the mother of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot and killed by the police in Cleveland, Ohio—as she explains what it’s like to be Black in America.

The film also explores the many ways in which racial issues are still present today and brings to light the need to facilitate an intergenerational dialogue about these challenges.


Travel to a world beyond sight. NOTES ON BLINDNESS uses minimalist 3D animation and binaural audio to share the story of John Hull, a writer and academic who lost his sight in 1983 after decades of deterioration. Hull documented his experiences on audio cassettes in order to help him make sense of what was happening to him.

This interactive VR documentary takes you through three years’ worth of diary recordings to share a powerful cognitive and emotional experience.


The Academy Award®-winning short film Colette shares the story of Colette Marin-Catherine, who fought the Nazis during World War II as a member of the French Resistance. As an aging woman, Marin-Catherine travels back to Germany with a history student to visit the forced labor camp where the Nazis killed her brother. Join her on this emotional journey of remembrance and healing.


Home After War is a room-scale VR documentary film that takes you to Fallujah, a city in Iraq that was, until recently, under Islamic State control. You’ll meet Ahmaied Hamad Khalaf, who’s returned home after the fighting stopped, and hear his story of loss and hope for the future.

If you want even more VR documentaries, Meta Quest has you covered. Check out Anne Frank House VR, Space Explorers, and Inside COVID19 for one-of-a-kind educational adventures.