Big Iron: ‘Pistol Whip’ Releases Two-Part ‘Smoke & Thunder’ and ‘Styles’ Update Today

Oculus Blog
August 12, 2021

Saddle up, pardners: It’s time for not one but two major Pistol Whip updates, the largest content drop since release.

First up, the Western-themed Smoke & Thunder. Like last year’s synthwave-drenched Pistol Whip: 2089, Smoke & Thunder takes place across five new Pistol Whip scenes, with music from The Heavy, Bones UK, and more. Trains, tech, and tumbleweeds feature in a story-driven campaign that’s The Magnificent Seven meets John Wick. Grab your six-shooter—and your shotgun—and strike fear into every bandit, outlaw, and two-bit varmint that comes between you and your missing sister.

But Smoke & Thunder is only half of today’s release. The team at Cloudhead Games is also rolling out the red carpet with Styles, a ground-up overhaul of Pistol Whip’s modifier system. Now you can tailor Pistol Whip to your personal preferences by tweaking variables on every level. Want to play the whole game with 2089’s four-shot burst pistol? Dual wield? Or make yourself invincible? The choice is yours with the new Styles sandbox system.

Cloudhead will regularly suggest new featured styles for you to jump into, or you can dig into the system and create something unique. Either way, Pistol Whip will spin up a leaderboard and track your scores against others using the same set of modifiers.

Taken together, it’s a massive two-parter of an update—and free for all existing Pistol Whip owners. For newcomers, Cloudhead is raising Pistol Whip’s price from $24.99 to $29.99 USD to reflect how the game has grown and evolved since launch. You can read more about that decision here in a blog post written by Cloudhead itself.

So let out your finest “Yeehaw” and grab a copy of Pistol Whip on the Quest or Rift Platform if you haven’t already. See you at high noon, gunslingers.