Block Party: Award-Winning Puzzler ‘Tetris Effect’ Now Available on Oculus Quest

Oculus Blog
May 14, 2020

Virtual reality can often make familiar experiences feel new again. In the case of Tetris® Effect, VR adds new life to the classic block puzzler Tetris®, one of the most popular and well-loved video games of all time. Full of immersive visuals and spatial audio, as well as innovative game modes and social features, Tetris® Effect is bursting with fresh content sure to please old time fans and VR enthusiasts alike. And we’re excited to announce you can experience Tetris® Effect yourself today on Oculus Quest.

The original version of Tetris® is nothing if not deceptively simple: Blocks fall from the top of the screen while players attempt to arrange them into solid lines as they hit the bottom. The more lines created, the higher the score. Tetris Effect takes this basic formula and transforms it into an immersive art show that’s part puzzler and part roller coaster. It’s definitely Tetris®, but developer Resonair and Monstars Inc. — the team behind Rez — have made Tetris® Effect into much more though novel mechanics and game modes, as well as splashy tunes and visuals.

Experience Tetris® Effect for yourself today on Oculus Quest.