Bonus Workout of the Week: Sports Focus

Oculus Blog
January 21, 2021

If you’ve already completed Workout of the Week #1: Full-Body Focus and Workout of the Week #2: Arms Focus, then we have more for you. Today, we’re sharing a bonus Workout of the Week with a focus on your favorite sports—dive right into table tennis, golf, bowling, and baseball!

Looking for more sports-focused games to get up and close your Move Minutes ring for the day? Check out these other sport-focused games in the Jump into Sports Collection!

With physics designed to create a realistic table tennis simulation, Eleven Table Tennis on the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms lets you play against a real multiplayer opponent or practice against an AI bot. Pro-Tip: Under the “Table” settings, use the “Set floor by touch” button to help set your floor height. Sports Scramble on the Quest and Rift Platforms brings the skills of real sports and mixes them together in a way only possible with VR! Jump into a Quick Match in tennis, bowling, or baseball to start moving your whole body in this game full of little surprises. If you’re looking for something a little more serious, walk onto the driving range or one of the four golf courses in Topgolf with Pro Putt on the Quest Platform. Take full swings as an exercise to practice your balance and strength.

More on Oculus Move

Oculus Move helps you keep track of the calories you burn and how long you’ve been physically active across any game or app in VR. Set goals for yourself and track your progress over time.

You can find Oculus Move in your Library. If you’ve never opened it before, Oculus Move will take you through a short set-up experience to set your Move goals. You have the option to add personal information, like your age, weight, height, and gender, to help us better predict your calories burned. The more information you provide, the better the estimate. If you choose to skip any of these variables, an average will be used instead.

We’re still testing the real-time stats feature through the in-game overlay. If you have access to the overlay feature and choose to turn on “in-game” overlay, you’ll be able to adjust the placement of the overlay without quitting your current game. To do this in headset, go to your Oculus Settings > Experimental > Features > Oculus Move Overlay. We recommend placing the dashboard on the “bottom” location.

Track your VR fitness progress throughout the month. To do this in headset, open the Oculus Move app from your Library and then select View Calendar. You can also open the Oculus Move app from your Library and then navigate to History > All Stats > Monthly Stats.

Have a favorite workout in VR? Let us know in the comments below. You can also take a selfie after your workout and tag @Oculus and #MoveForReal to share your fitness journey with the Oculus community. And stay tuned for our next Workout of the Week!