Burning Up the Charts: Survios Unleashes Heat Wave Update for ‘Electronauts’

Oculus Blog
August 15, 2019

Whether you’re a trained musician or you’ve never held an instrument, and whether you’re a longtime club kid or someone whose vocabulary doesn’t include dance, Electronauts is sure to get you in the groove. When the game slash DJ sim first launched, UploadVR called it “a neon-drenched cathedral of electronic ecstasy,” which feels like pretty high praise. And today, we’re excited to share that the Heat Wave Update is here, bringing 35+ new tracks to Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform!

Today’s free update nearly doubles the game’s full track list, with EDM hits and summer jams from Childish Gambino, Kygo, Kill the Noise, and more—giving fans of the most highly-rated game from Survios a lot to enjoy.

“There’s a small, yet passionate group of people in the world who love music-making and creative tools in VR—and I think Electronauts has really captivated them,” says Director of Marketing Hunter Kitagawa. “The main thing they’ve been asking for since launch is more songs. With this update, we hope we’re delivering on that.”

And from dynamic duos in multiplayer to livestreams featuring impromptu tutorials, the Electronauts community is unleashing their collective creativity in spades.

“People are using it in ways that we just never expected,” Kitagawa notes. “It’s been really gratifying to see this tool unleash creative expression, both in people who are already super creative and in people who don’t normally tap into their creative side. The magic thing about Electronauts is that anyone can feel like an amazing DJ—that’s the power of what the technology does. It’s to see people find hours and hours of enjoyment, getting lost in it and making music.”

Over-the-Top Adventure on the High Seas

Survios is also hard at work on Battlewake, a seafaring combat game sailing onto major VR platforms later this year.

“It’s like Twisted Metal on the water,” says Kitagawa—a premise he realizes may cause some skepticism among VR gamers. “Naturally, people would think that putting people on the sea in VR is a bad recipe for motion sickness, so we created a new technology for this game that combats exactly that. Just like we reinvented smooth locomotion for Sprint Vector, we’ve done the same with vehicular combat, in particular on the ocean. You’ll basically feel like a superhero pirate warlord badass.”

We’ll have more Battlewake news to share in the weeks ahead, so keep a weather eye open, mateys.

Zombie Onslaught

The innovation continues at Survios, with a brand-new progressive dismemberment technology it’s developed exclusively for The Walking Dead Onslaught.

Not for the faint of heart, The Walking Dead Onslaught features a fair amount of gore—though fans of the franchise and the zombie genre in general should be pleased. Notes Kitagawa, “It takes visceral melee combat to the next level.”

We’ll continue to share Survios news as it develops. In the meantime, dance and DJ your way through the Electronauts Heat Wave Update on Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform today!