Call for Applications: Oculus Launch Pad 2019
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Posted by Oculus VR
July 23, 2019

We’re excited to announce the opening of Oculus Launch Pad 2019! Applications are now open at

From gamers looking for the most immersive experience possible and bookworms who want to step inside the story to the developers and dreamers that set out to build new worlds, VR is for everyone. And for everyone to truly feel welcome in virtual spaces, we need a community of developers who represent the diversity of their audiences. To date, Launch Pad has brought together 300+ aspiring VR content creators representing a range of viewpoints and backgrounds. We’re committed to continue fostering that developer community as a means to improve the VR content ecosystem.

Now in its fourth year, Launch Pad provides promising developers and creators from diverse backgrounds with hands-on training and support to help them bring their unique voices into VR. By investing in developers with unique perspectives, we can bring more exciting content to VR fans everywhere. This includes women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, veterans, the differently abled, and anyone willing to share how their perspective adds to the “diversity of thought” in our community.

Raising the Technical Bar

New for Launch Pad 2019, we’re taking our lessons learned from VR content across the Oculus Platform as well as successful programs like Oculus Start to target people whose skill sets more closely align with indie developers that have demonstrated success in the VR market. We hope this approach will attract an audience that’s better prepared to take advantage of this opportunity and more likely to continue developing their games and experiences after the program has ended.

We want to responsibly encourage creators to pursue VR and set them up for success. That’s why, as part of Launch Pad’s two-day boot camp, we’ll also offer higher-level technical training and guidance on business strategy.

Click here to learn more about what Launch Pad has to offer, or visit to apply now.

— The Oculus Team