Can’t-Miss Update: ‘FitXR’ Brings Multiplayer Workouts and New Features to Quest

Oculus Blog
August 14, 2020

The popular fitness app, formerly known as BOXVR, dropped a major update and a new name: FitXR. Designed to put the fun back into exercise, FitXR is packed full of workouts that will get your heart racing while putting a smile on your face, whatever your fitness level. Below, we’re listing a few reasons FitXR deserves a spot in your library.

#1 Fitness for Fun
Sticking to an exercise routine gets tough without proper motivation. FitXR blends peppy workouts, catchy tunes, vocal encouragement, and game-inspired features to keep your spirits high and blood pumping. With curated playlists, competitive leaderboards, and arcade-like exercises, FitXR is an exercise experience you’ll want to come back to again and again.

#2 Classes for All
Motivation is important, but so is finding the right workout. With new FitXR routines coming every week, it’s easy to find the perfect workout that feels like it was made for you. Choose between different intensities, instructors, music, and focus areas. You can even participate in group sessions. The only question is: What kind of workout mood are you in today?

#3 Tailored for You
Self-improvement is perhaps the greatest metric for success. FitXR tracks your progress through real-time metrics during workouts, and in-depth summaries afterward. To keep you on track, and to ensure peak performance during workouts, FitXR provides expert commentary from top fitness instructors. You’ll even find personalized tips based on your performance to optimize your exercise time in VR.

If you’re ready for a new kind of at-home workout, jump into FitXR today on Oculus Quest!