‘Captain ToonHead’: The FPS Tower Defense Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

Oculus Blog
May 12, 2021

Somewhere out in space, a rogue sandal flies through infinity. Its destiny: to smack the back of Elliott Salazar’s head and begin a journey far beyond Earth where adorable golden cubes live in terror of mechanized tyrannosaurus rexes and chickens, and bomb-wielding hellion punks.

Captain ToonHead vs the Punks From Outer Space is a hybrid first-person shooter and tower defense game that puts players in Salazar’s shoes as he warps from tower to tower to build defenses against waves of oncoming enemies. Full of vibrant characters and wacky weapons, ToonHead’s vibe is somewhere between Saturday morning cartoon and 1990s soda pop commercial. The balance of build, shoot, and warp keeps you on your toes while the snappy dialogue and absurdist humor keeps you laughing.

The game comes to us from veteran developer Teravision Games in Bogotá, Colombia. ToonHead is chock-full of Latin American culture and in-jokes. Aside from the titular chancla seen in the trailer, expect to find piñata bombs, hot sauce guns, and a social critique of the microwave burrito.

Captain ToonHead vs the Punks From Outer Space is coming to the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms in Summer 2021. Follow along with the developer here.