Cities: VR Brings the Definitive City-Building Experience to Quest 2 in Spring 2022

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Posted by Erik Odeldahl, Creative Director at Fast Travel Games
December 2, 2021

Hi, I’m Erik Odeldahl, Creative Director at Fast Travel Games. Have you ever dreamed of building and running your own city—and really being a part of your creations? This, and much more, will be possible in Cities: VR, the ultimate VR city-building and management simulator releasing for Quest 2 in Spring 2022.

Cities: VR lets you design neighborhoods, construct buildings, and direct the flow of traffic—all while you handle economics, emergency services, and more. Running a city isn’t all fun and lanes, however. As the mayor of your city, you’re responsible for more than its architecture. To attract new residents and help your city flourish, you’ll also need to provide healthcare, education, entertainment, and more to your growing population.

Playing Cities: VR on Quest 2 means that you are in the game, living out your architectural and city-planning dreams to their fullest. You get to see your skyline rise from an expansive bird's eye view and become a part of your creation by watching it come alive from the streets. This is possible thanks to the unparalleled level of presence, immersion, and hands-on gameplay in VR.

While Cities: VR lets you control every aspect of city planning, we’ve spent a lot of time making sure the experience is inviting to players new to the genre. A handy tutorial will take you through the basics of city building, while seasoned city planners will still enjoy the challenge of VR management mastery. The precise and tactile feedback from the Touch controllers and a palette of tools at your fingertips makes for an easy-to-use control system that ensures you will have a flying start as mayor!

Cities: VR is our VR adaptation of the leading city-building simulation, Cities: Skylines. It keeps the core gameplay elements of the franchise intact, while offering a unique approach to the simulation through VR. We have aimed to deliver both a great entry-point to the franchise and a compelling new experience for Cities: Skylines veterans.

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