Cloudhead Games: How We're Supporting ‘Pistol Whip’ Long-Term

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Posted by Cloudhead Games
August 12, 2021

Today marks the launch of not one but two Pistol Whip updates: the Western-themed Smoke & Thunder campaign and the massive Styles update which overhauls how modifiers work. They’re the eighth and ninth major content updates since Pistol Whip launched, as Cloudhead’s worked to make an already-great game even better—and all without charging existing players for DLC.

That holds true today, and you can read more details about the new updates here. But below, we’re turning the blog over to Cloudhead to speak to you directly about an important change coming to Pistol Whip in the near future. Keep reading for more details!

It was eight years ago in March when Denny Unger and a small crew of passionate VR folks breathed life into Cloudhead Games. Fast forward to November 7, 2019, when Pistol Whip was released to rave reviews, winning “Immersive Reality Game of the Year” and a nomination for “Immersive Reality Tech Achievement” from the prestigious DICE awards. Blown away and truly humbled by the support, we set to work creating fresh content and features right away, growing the game in tandem with our community of action heroes.

Since launch, there have been seven major content updates for Pistol Whip, including five monthly post-launch scene releases, the Heartbreaker Trilogy, and our first cinematic campaign containing five linked scenes, 2089. With each update, we’ve challenged ourselves to create compelling new content and constantly reinvent the classic heart-pumping Pistol Whip experience.

And all of these updates have been free. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to avoid charging for new content, mostly due to the support of our amazing Pistol Whip community, and we want to continue providing players with the level of quality content they expect and deserve, ideally without impacting the fans who got us to this point. Finding a solution that will keep our players included in the action while allowing us to continue to grow and expand the game we all know and love, that’s the most important thing to us here at Cloudhead.

So instead of charging for the new DLC that the Smoke & Thunder + Styles update will bring, we’ve decided that current owners will not have to pay an increase or difference, and all content will be included with the price of the base game. If you own Pistol Whip now (or buy it before August 15th), Smoke & Thunder + Styles comes at no additional cost. After August 15, 2021, the price of Pistol Whip will increase by $5 to $29.99 USD, which is the first time we’ve raised the price of the game since it launched.

Pistol Whip is growing! Pushing Pistol Whip in new directions while expanding the ‘Pistolverse’ is something we are very proud of,” said Denny Unger. “For those that may have missed out at launch, we want them to experience what all the fuss is about for themselves. With our biggest update ever, a new narrative campaign, endless replayability with the new Styles System—there's never been a better time to experience the Pistol Whip difference.”

“And this way, we can ensure that VR enthusiasts and those new to VR can take advantage of our current pricing before the impending increase.”

Like Denny mentions, this plan of action means there will be no impact on our current community while giving non-Pistol Whip players a chance to pick up the game before the price goes up. It also allows Cloudhead to continue growing as a studio, providing new experiences, content, features, and more, long into the future.

Once again, we want to thank our community for allowing us to continue creating unstoppable, world-class VR experiences. Without you, none of this would be possible. You’re the true heroes.

Questions about the price increase, the Smoke & Thunder + Styles update, or Pistol Whip? Reach out!