Co-op Action FPS After the Fall Launches Blast of an Update with New Arsenal and More

Oculus Blog
April 28, 2022

Now that you’ve gotten used to the cold and found your fellow Harvest Runners to stand your ground against hordes of Snowbreed in After the Fall’s recently launched Horde Mode and Boulevard update, it’s time to rustle up your Meta Quest buddies again for some brand-new content! After the Fall, Vertigo Games’ latest co-op action FPS with full cross-platform multiplayer support, just launched its latest addition to the game’s Frontrunner Season. The ‘Shock & Awe’ update brings with it a great new arsenal and is available for free to all owners of the game. Feast your eyes on the new consumable and combat devices, a free-for-all PvP mode, and all the other recently added content and features in the Frontrunner Season Overview trailer:

Vertigo Games, the creators behind Arizona Sunshine, lets you gather your VR friends to join a raging fight for survival in its immersive four-player co-op thrillride of After the Fall. Set in a hostile frozen dystopia overrun with ferocious undead—the Snowbreed—you’ll be fighting off hordes, specials, and colossal bosses with your squad of four. When you’re ready, the competitive Tundradome PvP maps and Snowbreed-infested Horde Mode maps await you… and more content has just been added to After the Fall as part of its Frontrunner Season, which you’ve got immediate access to when you own the game. Let’s venture out into the action-packed post-apocalyptic wasteland of After the Fall together in this mixed-reality Co-op trailer:

Choose Your New Loadout and Enter the Streets of Hollywood

After the Fall’s Frontrunner Season has brought a total of four maps, a new type of Snowbreed, free-for-all PvP mode, Horde mode, lots of player skins, and plenty of new weapons to face the Snowbreed with. The latest ‘Shock & Awe’ update brings the Shockwave Power Device, Rage Booster, Warhead, and a Tommy Gun. You can grind for floppy disks in order to claim these new items. It’s also everyone for themselves now with the new free-for-all PvP mode and a new PvP map: The Stockpile map. This new map is a repurposed warehouse that’s all about close-quarter combat and lightning fast respawns with items that can be found scattered throughout the map.

Previous updates to the game’s Frontrunner Season have brought more maps as well. The Boulevard map, which is a new Harvest run mission in the frozen streets of Hollywood, and two Horde Mode maps were recently added to the game as well. These updates have also brought the Revolver, LMG, player outfits, and a new Snowbreed called the Skimmer.

Vertigo Games is planning to further expand the world of After the Fall for all its players in the future. More info on what that’s going to be will follow later.

Until then, stay frosty!