Comedy and ’70s Funk Collide in ‘Giant Cop’—Available Now on Rift!
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Posted by Oculus VR
March 30, 2017

Take the law into your own hands with Giant Cop: Justice Above All, now available on the Oculus Store.

The world’s first open world comic crime drama, Giant Cop blends cheesy ’70s cop dramas, the freedom of sandbox design, and the intuitive interaction of Touch for a larger-than-life VR experience you have to step inside to believe.

Grab your badge and hit the streets as Giant Cop. You’re a rookie who makes up in stature what you lack in experience. Enjoy hours of mission-driven gameplay as you clean up syndicated crime and corruption to keep Micro City safe. You can also explore beyond your beat, interacting with a seemingly endless number of hidden objects.

VR Citizens
While an early prototype was developed for PC using keyboard and mouse controls, it wasn’t until the team plugged into VR that their vision for Giant Cop came to fruition.

“Once we felt the immersion of using your own hands in VR, we could never look back to a standard PC screen setup,” says Newfoundland Studio Head Ryan Hale. “All of a sudden you were a giant cop. VR brought Giant Cop to a whole new level.”

Sandbox Shenanigans
Over the past year, people have had the chance to demo the game at industry shows from the UK to Japan, but it got really interesting when players started experimenting on their own.

“We had one guy who turned over every car and piled them on top of one another,” Hale remembers. “Another lady tried to put all the beachgoers into lawn chairs for a sun tan, and one guy was breakdancing as he played.”

That same sense of novelty extended beyond conventional playtesting. “Our QA team loved playing in VR,” Hale adds. “The new technology meant new challenges and a whole new way of exploring games and discovering the endless possibilities—and how to break them.”

Level Up Your Game with Skybound
Thanks to a partnership with Skybound Entertainment, co-founded by Robert Kirkman and David Alpert, Giant Cop has integrated Easter eggs and characters from The Walking Dead—exclusively for Skybound Insiders. With your free Skybound Insiders membership, you’ll also get special offers, Giant Cop updates, and future merchandise features.

“One of the Skybound guys had a chance to play the demo, and he loved it,” explains Hale. “It’s been really enjoyable working with the team there—and mutually beneficial. We suspect we’ll be working collaboratively for a long time to come.”

Rise up to giant challenges in a tiny town today. We can’t wait to hear about your Giant Cop exploits in the comments.

— The Oculus Team