Crawling Out of the Dungeon: ‘Demeo’ Launches Roots of Evil Update

Oculus Blog
December 16, 2021

When turn-based role-playing game Demeo launched on the Quest and Rift Platforms in May, it was an instant VR classic. The four-person tabletop experience recently took home VR Game of the Year at the VR Awards and has collected accolades from across the video games industry. Over the summer, Demeo took us even further into the dungeon with its Realm of the Rat King expansion. Today, we head above ground to the deadly enchantment of a dark forest with the Roots of Evil update.

The third adventure module in Demeo’s growing fantasy universe, Roots of Evil takes place in the Drych Forest, where a commune of druids have captured a being of absolute evil. Can they control their captive without being corrupted themselves? You’ll have to gather your heroes and help liberate the forest.

Those heroes now include a fifth playable champion: Molthas the Bard. Equipped with lute and dagger, the bard class has songs that can buff your fellow party members, silence your enemies, and even summon a mighty wind that destroys everything in its path.

Developer Resolution Games also unveiled new details of its 2022 roadmap: They plan to expand their co-op dungeon-crawler by introducing a competitive PvP mode, turning friends into enemies by pitting magic against steel with up to four players in the fray. On February 24, Demeo will add a new social environment where you can meet other players, customize your avatar, and play mini-games—including the homage arcade game Hauntlet, designed by Doom co-creator and Resolution Games Senior Creative Director Tom Hall. A new PC Edition of the game is set to launch in Early Access on Steam on April 7. And the team plans to ship two more adventure modules in 2022.

“With Demeo, we set out to make a game that rekindles that feeling of gathering around a table with friends to fight monsters and find gold,” Resolution Games CEO and Founder Tommy Palm. “The game’s first year proved that we absolutely hit the mark. What really made those games fun in the long-term, though, was the promise of more content, more adventures, and more ways to play. As we head into 2022, we recognize how beloved Demeo is and have made our most ambitious plans yet as a studio. This is a game we’ll all be playing for years to come — and with the launch of Demeo: PC Edition in 2022, even more friends will be able to join the adventure.”

Check out Demeo on the Quest and Rift Platforms today.