‘Dead and Buried’ Aims to Please with Guns and Ghosts Update
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Posted by Oculus VR
February 7, 2017

The Wild West shooter Upload VR called “one of the most versatile multiplayer VR titles available” just got its first upgrade. Dead and Buried’s aptly named Guns and Ghosts update has more characters, more levels, and more supernatural surprises!

New Characters and Shootout Map

You’ll meet two new characters—a gunsmith and a pistol-packing spirit—each with 10 unlocks available. Given the popularity of Shootout mode, we’re also unveiling a new rifle and single-shot sniper map, set in a desert oasis outside an old Spanish ghost town.

Horde Mode Enhancements
We’re also adding some exciting features to Horde mode, including a brand-new boss and a special resurrect gun to bring players back from the dead.

Even better, we’re introducing a single-player option so you can enjoy Horde mode with or without friends!

Smooth Operators
You’ll also notice lots of adjustments and solutions designed to improve your experience. That includes tweaks to address matchmaking with players who appear to be AFK. Hosts in the main menu lobby will now be dropped after a set period of inactivity, and matches will autostart after 60 seconds.

The Oculus Studios team is committed to ongoing support for titles like Dead and Buried, so they’ve paid close attention to player responses since launch.

“Listening to the community is a must, and we took your feedback to heart,” says Oculus Software Engineer Ryan Rutherford. “We’re thrilled to deliver these improvements and new content—and can’t wait to share more updates throughout the year!”

Get your trigger fingers ready. The Guns and Ghosts update launches today!

— The Oculus Team