December Rift Platform Updates: ‘Home’ for the Holidays, Plus Dash Keyboard, and Developer Custom Items Now in Home

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Posted by Oculus VR
December 13, 2018

With the holidays coming up fast, now’s the perfect time to prepare for year-end festivities, both in and out of VR. We're here to help. New additions to the Rift experience—rolling out today—make it easy to get into the spirit of the season. We’ve got a new Dash keyboard, custom developer items, and a very nice list of merry gifts for Home.

Store Updates: Wishlists
Never miss out on your next favorite game! With Wishlists, you can keep tabs on “Coming Soon” apps and games, as well as experiences you want to save for later. Titles can be added to your Wishlist via web, from the Oculus mobile app, and Oculus desktop app. And now, when the new game is available for purchase or it goes on sale, you'll be notified via email.

Custom Home Items
In the real world, personal milestones come with rewards, like trophies, ribbons, and so on. It’s no different in the virtual world, where unlocking in-game achievements can take as much skill and dedication as any real-world prize—so we’re upping our game in this department. Earning achievements in Rift just got snazzier thanks to new ‘Home Items’ custom-made to showcase your hard-earned successes in VR.

Announced during Oculus Connect 5 in September, Custom Developer Items are now out of beta and rolling out to the broader Oculus Developer community. Now, any developer can build their own game-specific objects, toys, and decorations for players to display in Home. These new custom items are a tangible way to show off your favorite games and accomplishments. Today, you'll find the first batch of custom items to earn and unlock from experiences like SUPERHOT VR, Moss, and Brass Tactics, and we're working to add Home Items from Rush, Obduction, Blind, Epic Roller Coasters, and many more. Developers, don't forget to check out the Oculus Developer Blog for more information, and please refer to our documentation on the Oculus Developer Center.

Dash Keyboard
Getting things done across your favorite virtual desktop applications just got easier with the new, native Dash keyboard. With Touch Typing, using the new keyboard for Dash is a lot like using a physical one, only with virtual fingers, of course. There are several options for input, depending on your personal preference. Simply tap the keyboard button on the lower right window of Oculus desktop to get started

  • Start typing away using Oculus Touch with index fingers.
  • Or bring up the ray pointer to point-and-click typing at specific letters, instead of physically moving your virtual hands over the keys. Press A/X Buttons or Trigger.
  • And, try under the keyboard, placing your hands under the Dash keyboard and click on individual keys using the A/X button or the Trigger.

We’ve included language and keyboard layout synchronization from Windows, as well as key repeats and sticky key mod states for one-handed use. Lastly, there's hardware keyboard state synchronization, so you can type on your real keyboard and see the key movement and input matched in VR. This is just the first release, and we're excited to keep iteration and adding on new features. Stay tuned.

No Place like Home for the Holidays

It wouldn’t be a Rift platform update without a few special additions to Home. This time, we’ve got enough Holiday-themed goodness to weigh down the mightiest sleigh, including new avatar items, objects for Home, and more. To start, you can login to “unwrap” a set of decorations to magically transform Home into a winter wonderland.

First made available on the public test channel earlier this month, we’ve got a rustic collection of decorations that includes a cozy rug, mistletoe, winter wreath, and an antique sled table. And whatever you celebrate, there's something to choose from, including a Menorah, Kinara and Mkeka, and Christmas presents.

After you’ve decked the halls of Home, it’s your turn: dress up with new wintry favorites designed for your personal avatar, male and female. Don't miss the novelty items like an elf hat and numerous options for ugly sweaters, reindeer glasses, and much more.

To share ideas and feedback about changes you'd like to see on Rift, visit our UserVoice channel:

Happy holidays from Oculus!

— The Oculus Team