Defy Gravity with ‘Lone Echo’ and ‘Echo Arena’: Pre-Orders Now Open

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Posted by Oculus VR
June 12, 2017

At today’s PC Gaming Show, we announced the release date for Ready at Dawn's two new zero-g space titles: Lone Echo and Echo Arena. Pre-order Lone Echo now to enjoy the single-player space adventure on July 20—and save 10% off the purchase price of $39.99. You’ll also get to dive into the high-flying competitive action of the multiplayer sports game Echo Arena—free at launch for a limited time.

Check out the adrenaline-fueled action:

In the narrative-driven single-player title Lone Echo, you play as Jack—a cutting-edge android stationed at a mining facility on the rings of Saturn. After a spatial anomaly appears out of nowhere, you must maneuver in zero-gravity to investigate the looming threat and get Captain Rhodes to safety.

For those with a fierce competitive streak, Echo ArenaLone Echo's multiplayer spin-off—pits two teams against each other in a robotic clash for glory. Imagine two teams, one disc, zero gravity.

We’ll open up Echo Arena for a free early access beta weekend at 10:00 am PT on June 23, so mark your calendars and prepare for full-contact VR esports gameplay.

The Evolution of esports
We’re also excited to share the VR Challenger League, a brand-new VR esports competition!

We teamed up with ESL and Intel to bring you the most high-stakes VR competition yet. With an expected $200K in prizes up for grabs and games including Echo Arena and The Unspoken, this promises to be the biggest event to hit VR yet.

Brackets begin on July 12 for The Unspoken and shortly after the July 20 launch for Echo Arena. Both leagues will culminate at the world’s biggest esports event—Intel Extreme Masters Poland!

We’ll see you in Echo Arena on June 23 to start training for the competition.

— The Oculus Team