‘Demeo’ Painting Party Update Lets You Give Monsters a Makeover

Oculus Blog
May 25, 2022

Half the fun of playing tabletop games is painting the miniatures, right? Maybe more than half, for some of you. Well you’re going to love Demeo’s new Painting Party Update, coming to the Heroes’ Hangout social space today.

As the name suggests, the Painting Party Update gives you all the tools you need to paint the monsters from Demeo’s large (and still growing) collection of miniatures. You won’t be able to use your creations in-game, but it should still make for a fantastic night with a few friends. Break out the brushes at the new craft table and get ready to customize the Rat King’s ranks, or get goofy and give Cleepto a pizza box instead of an ancient tome.

Choose from fine, medium, and flat brushes, or go high-tech with an airbrush. You can even set the minis down and go to work on a canvas, if you’re feeling inspired!

And new artistic endeavors are only the first part of the Painting Party Update. Heroes Hangout is also getting a new interactive boombox, because no ‘80s basement is complete without one. Pop in a cassette and listen to some ‘80s inspired tunes while painting, courtesy of Demeo’s composer Linus Söderlund. Fans may even find a few references to other Resolution Games’ hits, like Blaston.

Last but not least, the erudite among you will find new books in the Heroes’ Hangout library. The new “Heroes” tome teaches you all about the brave adventurers you can play as in Demeo, while the various “Bestiary” books contain everything you need to know about the fearsome monsters you’re fighting. Did you know a Sigataur is 50% moose, 50% human? And 100% terrifying.

That’s the Painting Party Update! It’s out now, free to Demeo owners, and sounds like another great addition for those who love the tabletop scene. And don’t worry if you’re more a player than a painter—there’s another Demeo campaign coming your way soon. Stay tuned!