Discover Premium Content with Subscriptions on the Oculus Quest Platform

Oculus Blog
April 15, 2021

Together with the developer community, we’re building an ecosystem of games, apps, and experiences to make VR a compelling destination. As part of that goal, our developers are expanding to new use cases beyond gaming, like productivity, social, and fitness. They’re also building robust businesses around their content by way of subscription services. Now, we’re thrilled to support these business models by enabling support for subscriptions on the Oculus Quest platform.

With app subscriptions, some of your favorite developers will be able to seamlessly deliver new, exciting content, tools, and features to subscribers. App subscriptions will give you access to exclusive content from some of your favorite titles. Starting today, you can unlock premium content from FitXR, Rec Room, Tribe XR, TRIPP, vSpatial, and VZfit in VR.

To purchase and use an app subscription, your Quest’s operating system must be on v27 or higher.

App subscriptions offerings differ by title. For some, you’ll need a subscription to access the service. For others, the subscription is optional to unlock even more content and features. For those of you who already own titles that are now incorporating subscriptions, you still have access to all the content you’ve already purchased. You can unlock new, premium content, tools, and features by subscribing.

We’ve also heard that many of you want to try more games and apps before you purchase. Subscription-based titles also have the option to offer free trials so you can try out the experience. You can cancel at any time to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle. For more information on subscriptions, please click here.

FitXR is revolutionizing fitness with a state-of-the-art VR fitness studio. With a membership, you’ll get a new class led by an instructor every day from the popular Box and Dance studios and the upcoming HIIT studio, plus access to multiplayer so you can workout live with friends. FitXR is offering a seven-day free trial.

If you already own FitXR, you’ll continue to have access to all the content you already purchased, including any Add-On packs you bought. You’re also eligible for an extended free trial—90 days—of the new FitXR membership (90 days begin the first time you log into FitXR).

Developer: FitXR
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Rec Room Plus
Rec Room is the place for you and your friends to build and play games together. Today, Rec Room is offering Rec Room Plus (RR+), an optional monthly membership that gives you access to 6,000 tokens monthly ($10 USD value), a four-star item every week, access to the exclusive RR+ section of the store, and more. The Rec Room app—where you can chat, hang out, explore player-created rooms, and build something of your own—will continue to be free.

If you already own Rec Room content, you’ll continue to have access to everything you previously purchased.

Developer: Rec Room Inc.
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vSpatial brings your workspace to Quest. Surround yourself with unlimited monitors and jump into focus mode. Starting today, you can unlock 15-person meeting rooms, WAN remote connection, and a virtual camera and mic through an optional subscription. vSpatial’s Workplace, which gives you access to remote connect for Windows 10, virtual monitors, 1:1 collaboration, and more, will continue to be free.

You will continue to have access to vSpatial and all of your previously purchased premium features.

Developer: vSpatial Inc.
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Tribe XR: DJ in VR
Tribe XR lets you become a VR DJ and mix your tracks on near-perfect replicas of professional DJ equipment used in clubs across the globe. Today, Tribe XR is offering Tribe Plus, an optional membership that gives you access to all the add-on decks and skins, new environments, new monthly skins, live video workshops with resident DJ mentors, and 3D on-demand lessons. They’re also launching new High-End Pioneer DJ Products including the club-standard CDJ 3000 decks and DJM-900 NXS2 mixer, available to all Tribe users.

If you already own Tribe XR, you will continue to have access to the app and be able to spin records on your own or practice with a virtual instructor. If you previously purchased Tribe XR In-App Purchases, you will continue to have access to them.

Developer: TribeXR
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TRIPP helps you feel calm and focused through new daily meditations, customized experiences, and a trackable mindfulness journey. TRIPP uniquely integrates gameplay mechanics, breath visualization, breathing exercises, beautiful visual landscapes, and binaural audio. Get access to 40+ meditative experiences, receive daily Focus and Calm TRIPPs, personalize your experience, and track your progress. TRIPP offers one free demo mediation, so you can try before subscribing.

If you already own TRIPP, nothing changes for you today.

Developer: TRIPP, Inc.
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Launching today, VZfit is a fitness app that lets you explore the world through Google Street View while getting a full-body cardio workout. From the snow-capped Italian Alps to the sun-kissed coast of Oahu, experience our planet’s beauty over 10 million miles of roads through Google Street View. Create your own ride and even ride with a friend or training partner. VZfit lets you workout on a standup virtual “exerboard” using just the headset, or gives you the option of connecting to your stationary bike or elliptical. VZfit offers a seven-day free trial.

Developer: VirZoom
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