DK2s Now Shipping, New 0.4.0 SDK Beta, and Comic-Con

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Posted by Oculus VR
July 24, 2014

DK2s Now Shipping

DK2s have started shipping out to developers in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia, and we expect to have over 9,000 DK2s in developers’ hands by the end of next week. We’re working out a minor snag for Oceanic customers, but we hope to have the issue resolved soon.

Customers in the first batch of pre-orders should receive a payment notification once the order has been processed by the distribution center. Thank you for your continued patience as we build more kits and move them around the world as quickly as possible!

New 0.4.0 SDK Beta

As part of the new development kit release, we’ve published a major update to the SDK that allows developers to take full advantage of DK2. After over a year in development, this is the largest software release at Oculus yet.

The most significant improvement is the addition of low-latency 6DOF positional tracking, enabling all new types of games and experiences. We’ve also introduced an Oculus display driver, which streamlines access to the Rift’s screen. This enables direct rendering to the Rift, rather than treating the headset as a separate monitor (although it still allows for legacy mirroring/extending if desired).

You can download the Oculus SDK v0.4.0 Beta from the Oculus Developer Center at Note that this initial release is Windows-only, but it includes the Unity and Unreal Engine 4 integrations. The OS X release is well underway and coming soon.

If you have a Rift application or experience built for the original Rift development kit (DK1), you’ll need to integrate the latest SDK and/or engine integrations before it can run on DK2.

The SDK is still very much in beta, and we’ll be updating it quickly following this initial release. You can read the full release history and known issues on the Oculus Developer Center:

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you create using DK2 and the latest SDK! If you have suggestions, recommendations, or concerns, please let us know on the Oculus Developer Forums.

Oculus @ San Diego Comic-Con

If you’re at Comic-Con this week, be sure to check out the incredible Rift experiences at the show, including Legendary’s “Pacific Rim – Jaeger Pilot” demo using Unreal Engine 4:

We’ll see you in the Metaverse!

— The Oculus Team