Don’t Move: ‘Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2’ Releases on the Oculus Quest Platform Next Month

Oculus Blog
August 26, 2021

Isla Nublar isn’t done with you yet. Tread lightly, because Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 is coming to the Oculus Quest Platform on September 30. Check out the debut trailer below, which Coatsink (in collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms) revealed today at Gamescom 2021.

Bringing the story to its thrilling conclusion, Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 picks up right where players left off last December. Having crash-landed on Isla Nublar, your mission to recover top-secret research becomes an even more straightforward mission—to survive. Pursued by clever Velociraptors, vicious Pteranodons, and at least one roaring T. rex, you’ll need to use your wits to stay alive, stay hidden, and ultimately escape the island.

Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 sends you sneaking through brand new locations, including Dr. Henry Wu’s private office and an underground facility hidden far from the public’s prying eyes. Solve new and intricate puzzles and discover Isla Nublar’s remaining secrets—assuming you can avoid becoming a T. rex’s lunch.

With a distinctive cel-shaded look and featuring voiceover performances from Jeff Goldblum (Dr. Ian Malcolm), BD Wong (Dr. Henry Wu), and Laura Bailey (Dr. Mia Everett), Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 brings the franchise to life for longtime fans. And for newcomers? Coatsink has created one of the most sophisticated and tense stealth-adventure games in VR to-date.

So grab Jurassic World Aftermath to get caught up on the story—and keep your eyes peeled for Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2, releasing September 30 on the Quest Platform for $14.99 USD.

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