Echo Games Update: Ready At Dawn Adds Physics Toys, Select Localization to ‘Lone Echo’

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Posted by Oculus VR
January 15, 2018

Great news for Lone Echo fans—Ready At Dawn just rolled out the Atlas Patch, a trio of high-performance features to enhance the gameplay experience for people with high-end systems. They also added localized voiceover audio and text in French, German, and Spanish, welcoming more players to enjoy this narrative-driven zero-g adventure.

“We know that language plays such an important role in our ability to connect to each other and the world around us—the same holds true for the virtual characters and virtual world that we’ve created in Lone Echo,” says Ready At Dawn Game Director Dana Jan. “It’s why conversation is one of our core mechanics. We’re happy to announce this localization update so that more players can enjoy this experience. Thanks for your patience and support.”

The new features are designed to add more physics-based fun that takes advantage of higher-end CPUs.

  • High-Density Set Dressing
    You’ll find higher concentration of floating props in various areas of the Station Interior and the Mining Facility. This change will be most noticeable on the Kronos II Bridge, in the Activation Bay, and at both the Primary and Depleted Dig Sites.
  • Attractor Gun
    This unique physics toy sucks in small props while you’re pressing the trigger, shooting them out at high speed upon release. There are two available in the game—look for them in the Activation Bay and at the Primary Dig Site.
  • Ragdoll Jack Husks
    Normally, rigid, inanimate husks of Jack are left behind to mark your death locations. Now, these bodies can gain full ragdoll physics, so you can throw them around the environment with full limb mobility. Note that Jack Husks created by touching Bio Threat challenges will remain static objects attached to the Bio Threat.

To check out what the new patch has to offer, just enable “CPU Intensive Features” in your single-player gameplay settings.

This is just the beginning of Ready At Dawn’s continued investment in the Echo Games universe. Stay tuned for more details on Echo Combat—a futuristic FPS that takes the adrenaline-fueled action of Echo Arena to a new level.

“We started our journey into VR almost three years ago, exploring new ways of interacting and immersing ourselves in this new medium, and we created Lone Echo with these goals in mind,” explains Ready At Dawn Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, & President Ru Weerasuriya. “The mechanics we built then spawned Echo Arena, adding social and competitive interactions to our universe, and we’ve been honored and humbled by the reception both games have received. With our focus now on Echo Combat, we’re looking forward to immerse players into the next evolution of the Echo series of games.”

Whether you’re reliving Jack and Liv’s adventure or experiencing it for the first time, we can’t wait to hear what you think of Lone Echo’s new CPU Intensive Features.

We’ll see you in zero-g!

— The Oculus Team