‘Echo VR’ Adds Cross-Play to Oculus Quest Open Beta—Plus 4v4 Matches On Rift

Oculus Blog
May 12, 2020

The Echo VR Open Beta kicked off one week ago on Oculus Quest, welcoming an influx of new players to the Echo Games community. And today, the team from Ready At Dawn announced cross-play, so players on Quest and the Rift Platform can now team up for their zero-g exploits!

As you play during the Open Beta, be sure to share your feedback with the devs using the Feedback Form or via the #quest_feedback channel of the community Echo Games Discord. And if you’re new to the Echo Games universe, click here for some comfort and safety tips. You can also check out the Echo VR FAQ for technical support.

Some exciting news for the Rift community, too—public Echo Arena matches on the Rift Platform will now be 4x4 instead of 3x3, based on testing and player feedback. Adding another player to each team should mean new plays and more time with the disc.

Click here to learn more, and jump into the Echo VR Open Beta on Quest today!