Echo VR Is Bigger Than Ever With the New Echo Shop Debuting for Echo Pass Season 4, Now Live

Oculus Blog
December 14, 2021

Echo VR from Ready At Dawn is still going strong with no signs of slowing down. Today, Season 4 of the Echo Pass kicks off with a refreshed reward track including brand-new character customization pieces, heraldry, TXP boosts, Echo Points, and more. Plus, this season is even more exciting this time around with the launch of the Echo Shop. This new shop will exist outside of the Echo Pass and give players new ways to spend their Echo Points for even more options to express themselves.

Echo Pass Season 4

Echo Pass Season 4 runs from today until March 1, 2022 at 10:30AM PT with 50 reward tiers. As per usual, reward tiers consist of character customization items, heraldry, personal Tier Experience Point (TXP) boosts, group TXP boosts, and Echo Points.

The Echo Pass is live for all players, but if you want to unlock even more rewards as you play then you can upgrade to the Echo Pass Premium for 1,000 Echo Points. You can also spend 200 Echo Points to bypass a tier on the Echo Pass in order to gain more rewards more quickly. You can buy Echo Points directly as DLC in the following categories:

  • $4.99*- 500 Echo Points
  • $9.99*- 1000 Echo Points +50 Bonus = 1050 Total Echo Points
  • $19.99*- 2000 Echo Points +140 Bonus = 2140 Total Echo Points
  • $49.99*- 5000 Echo Points +450 Bonus = 5450 Total Echo Points

*Prices are shown in USD, exchange rate and local taxes may apply.

Echo Shop

As we mentioned above, Ready At Dawn is also launching the Echo Shop in Echo VR today. The shop adds new layers of self-expression so players can truly represent how they want to appear in-game. To start out, there is a Starter Bundle available for $4.99 USD with a special chassis, banner, discus tag, tint, title, and 500 Echo Points to use in-game.

Additionally, the Echo Shop will showcase a rotating selection of Featured Items like a J4CK FR0-ST winter-themed chassis bundle, as well as Limited Time items that change out every two weeks. For more details on the Echo Shop and what’s available at launch, visit the Echo VR blog.

Now that Season 4 of the Echo Pass is live in Echo VR, hop online and warm up your throwing arm for some zero-gravity fun. Echo VR is available to play for free on the Quest and Rift platforms.