'Echo VR’ Season 5 Kicks Off Today With a Whole Scrapheap of All-New Rewards

Oculus Blog
March 14, 2022

Get ready to go salvaging for gear because Echo VR is going to the scrapheap! Starting today, Season 5 of the Echo Pass is live and will last until May 31, 2022 at 10:30AM PT.

During the new season, players can earn and equip new chassis, boosters, and bracers fresh out of the wasteland. Players can now also buy Echo Points in the Echo Shop to upgrade to the Premium Echo Pass and earn 3x the rewards. You can purchase Echo Points from the Meta Quest store as in-app purchases (IAP) or earn them in-game for free by leveling up the latest Echo Pass.

Just like past seasons, the Echo Pass is available to everyone as a reward track to unlock rewards throughout the entire season. If you want to convert to a Premium Echo Pass to unlock even more rewards, you can do that for 1,000 Echo Points—this nearly triples the number of rewards you’re eligible to earn!

You can purchase Echo Points in the following bundles:

  • $4.99 USD for 500 Echo Points
  • $9.99 USD for 1,000 Echo Points + 50 bonus points for 1,050 total
  • $19.99 USD for 2,000 Echo Points + 140 bonus points for 2,140 total
  • $49.99 USD for 5,000 Echo Points + 450 bonus points for 5,450 total

In addition to purchasing the Echo Pass each new season, you can also spend Echo Points in the Echo Shop at any time for new cosmetics and more.

Take a look at some of the featured rewards for Season 5, which align with a ‘Scrapheap’ theme for chassis, boosters, and more. And for more details you can check out the full blog post from Ready At Dawn here.

If some zero-gravity competition sounds like a good time then don’t hesitate to give Echo VR a try for free today. You can download the game right now on the Quest Platform and Rift.