Esports Encore: The Unspoken VR Tournament Finals

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Posted by Oculus VR
June 9, 2017

We had a great time at the flagship Microsoft Store in NYC for The Unspoken VR Tournament Finals on June 3. Today, we take you inside the action with some behind-the-scenes photos and—of course—the results!

Fan favorite and 14-year-old Matthew Smith (S_Lugia) squared off against Philadelphia’s Ryan Shaw (Charizard) in the first round. While Smith came out of nowhere to crush the competition at DreamHack Austin, Shaw’s spellcasting skills proved more than he could master. Still, he’s definitely a competitor to watch out for in future esports tournaments.

The semi-finals between Huntington, NY’s Erik Servili (ServError) and Salt Lake City’s Ashton Ames (Vidman321) came down to the wire, while Shaun Lane (Nerdburglar) of Huntington Beach, CA and heavily-favored Shaw also gave the audience a nail-biting show. All four put up a strong fight, but Ames and Shaw emerged from the mayhem to face off in the finals.

Shaw (Charizard) took home the grand prize of Rift + Touch, an Oculus Ready PC from ASUS, and $1,250 cash.

Here are the runners-up placed, in order of placement:

Special thanks to our shoutcasters, OpticJ and Siefe. Visit our Twitch stream to relive the action.

Also, huge shoutout to the amazing community of The Unspoken players who joined the livestream to comment on the matches in real-time. Your commentary provided a lot of insight on the gameplay and strategy, so thank you for helping to make the competition memorable.

Ready to get in on the competitive spellcasting action? Check out The Unspoken on the Oculus Store.

— The Oculus Team