‘EVERSLAUGHT Invasion’ Coming to Meta Quest 2 in Early 2023

Oculus Blog
August 23, 2022

Clerics, the time has come to clear the Corrupted from this world—on the go. Today at Gamescom 2022, Fast Travel Games and MobX Games announced EVERSLAUGHT Invasion, launching in early 2023 on Meta Quest 2.

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion is a brand new co-op follow-up to MobX’s acclaimed 2021 predecessor, EVERSLAUGHT. Released exclusively for PC VR and developed with VR veterans in mind, EVERSLAUGHT featured lightning-quick traversal, weighty and impactful combat, and hordes of undead enemies to fight through. Oh, and a hookshot for zipping across vast spaces in an instant.

Those same ideas are at the core of EVERSLAUGHT Invasion. Join the Cleric order and fend off swarms of Corrupted monstrosities as either a Warrior, Rogue, or Vanguard. Each class brings a unique set of tools to the table—which makes it a good idea to team up with a friend. While EVERSLAUGHT Invasion can be played singleplayer, you can even the odds by partnering up with another player and watching each other’s backs.

The hookshot returns, as well. Fling yourself through EVERSLAUGHT Invasion’s dark fantasy world—or use the hookshot to grab onto enemies and rush in for a killing blow. Gather loot and new weapons, and then head back to your airship to improve your character via a deep progression system.

“We’ve used the original EVERSLAUGHT universe to create a brand new co-op action game filled with satisfying combat and great replayability,” said Gihad Chbib, Founder at MobX Games. “While we can’t reveal everything just yet, we’re confident that fans of the original and new players alike will be thrilled with this interpretation.”

Luckily the wait won’t be that long. As said up top, EVERSLAUGHT Invasion is slated to launch on Meta Quest 2 in early 2023. Keep an eye out for more details in the future, and start exercising your sword-arm. You’ll need it.