Explore a Whole New World With the Free ‘Desolation’ DLC for ‘In Death: Unchained,’ Out Now

Oculus Blog
November 4, 2021

You’ve conquered the forces of both Heaven and Hell. What’s next? Find out in the new Desolation DLC for In Death: Unchained.

Released today on the Quest Platform for $29.99 USD, Desolation is a free add-on for Superbright’s acclaimed (and infinitely replayable) bow-and-arrow roguelike. The expansion adds a fourth world for players to explore and overcome, split into two unique zones.

More than just new content, Desolation was a chance for Superbright to apply all the lessons learned since the release of In Death: Unchained. That means better procedural generation, new dynamic lighting, volumetric fog effects, and realistic reflections. With Desolation, In Death: Unchained both plays and looks better than ever.

Of course, you can’t have a new world without new enemies. Look for four new foes that will put your archery skills to the test—and three new special arrows to help fight them off. Desolation also adds collectible shards of lore written by Peter V. Brett (bestselling author of The Demon Cycle) for those who want to learn more about the realms of In Death: Unchained. And veterans can modify their experience with unlockable Amulets, new items in Desolation that enable players to turn up the risk for greater rewards.

“This update is our gift to our amazing players, our incredible community, many of whom have been playing the game for over a year now, with runs that take multiple weeks,” said Superbright CEO Wojtek Podgórski.

The latest season of In Death: Unchained also kicks off today, so it’s the perfect time to grab your bow and start climbing the leaderboards. Pick up In Death: Unchained—with the Desolation add-on included—on the Quest Platform for $29.99 USD.