Fitness Friday: Embrace Dance

Oculus Blog
January 21, 2022

Welcome back to Fitness Friday. Last week we talked about how to boost your exercise game by using Quest to rediscover sports. We continued our Oculus TV series featuring world-class workout instructors, gave a sneak peek at the forthcoming music-packed boxing experience, Liteboxer VR, and showed you how to check your fitness goals with Oculus Move.

Now, let’s keep the momentum going with this week’s theme for even more fun and exciting ways to use VR to get your heart pumping: Embrace dance.

What’s New This Week

Escape and Shape - Dance Trends

We hope you traveled with us to the mountains for a sweat-inducing workout with high-intensity interval training coach Corbin Booker in the second installment of our fitness series, Escape and Shape, on Oculus TV, our VR hub for must-see entertainment. Now, it’s time to hit the desert floor and groove your way to burning off those last holiday calories with dancer and actress Alyson Stoner.

Cyberpunk World of the HOLOFIT Universe

HOLOFIT was already a great way to virtually row, ski, run, or cycle across some of the most beautiful locations on Earth. Now, you can get fit and work up a sweat in a dystopian city right out of the movies. Take your body and mind on thrilling quests in this all-new futuristic society.


Who could be better at getting you inspired to use your Quest to stay healthy than someone whose videos about VR and fitness pull in thousands of views? So we asked FitProVR, one of our Quest Ambassadors, who also happens to be a fitness pro and former MMA athlete, to share his recommendations of the best apps for getting started with VR fitness.

That journey begins, he says, when you open your new Quest 2 and “realize you can do more than just play games. You can actually get healthier and do workouts!”

Check out his newest video for a detailed look at his favorite dedicated fitness apps: Supernatural, FitXR, and VZfit.

Duo Packs: Home Runs & Soaring

Getting your heart rate up is an essential part of staying healthy, and there’s no better way to do that than to move your body. Get that sweat flowing with amazing deals on these perfectly-matched duo packs of VR fitness experiences.

Feel the Adrenaline Pack

Experience the thrill of soloing the epic heights of the Alps, the peaks of Southeast Asia, and the pinnacles of the American Southwest in The Climb, or dive off mountaintops, skim treetops, and plummet through exhilarating valleys in Rush. This pack is available until 10:00 am PT on January 28.

Stay Active with Sports Pack

Hike! Break the huddle and hit the gridiron in 2MD: VR Football Unleashed, or swing for the fences and make diving catches in TOTALLY BASEBALL. This pack is available until 10:00 am PT on January 28.

Use Quest for a Heart-Pumping Workout

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to cut a virtual rug in this collection of immersive dance games that’ll have you shaking your booty.

Beat Saber

Dance to the beat of hit songs and work up a serious sweat as you slash the cubes coming at you in this mega-hit VR rhythm game. And for a free and more focused workout song, try FitBeat, which offers five levels of difficulty, from Easy to Expert+.

Pistol Whip

A pulse-pounding soundtrack powers this mind-bending first-person shooter VR game inspired by some of the best action movies of all time.

Dance Central

You’ll never have to stand in line to get your dance on in this immersive single- or multiplayer dance club experience.

Audio Trip

Dance your way to staying healthy in this great VR fitness game that features a stellar soundtrack and dozens of levels to express yourself through movement.

Synth Riders

Spin, spiral, and move your body to the beat any time of day in this music-driven dance-action game.

Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash!

Only dance can save the galaxy! Find out how you can help in this fun and exciting rhythm game.

Track Your Weekly Goals with Oculus Move

Getting and staying fit means exercising regularly, and one of the best ways to make sure you’re on target is to set—and keep—weekly fitness goals. Oculus Move can track your light, moderate, high, or custom calorie-burn or Move minute goals.

To set it up for the first time, find Oculus Move in your Library. After inputting some key variables, you’ll be asked how many days per week you want to work out.

If you’ve already set up Move, you can start tracking by going to Oculus Move > Settings > Personal Info and Goals > Weekly Goals.

Keep Your Fitness Going with VR

Who knew your Quest could be so great for helping you stick to your exercise goals through play, regardless of whether it’s sports, dancing, or just slashing some targets? But we’re sure you’ve got what it takes to keep your fitness journey going the rest of the month—and beyond. And Quest will be here for you every step of the way. So no matter if you want a few short workouts or to use VR to burn calories for several hours a week, we’re ready to help you get what you need.

And we’d love to see how you’re making VR an important part of your fitness routine! Snap a post-workout selfie and tag @Oculus so we can celebrate with you. We’ll see you next week for another Fitness Friday.