Fitness Friday: Play Actively

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January 27, 2022

Welcome to our fourth and final Fitness Friday of January. All month, we’ve shown you how to have tons of fun keeping your New Year’s wellness resolutions and stay healthy using Quest to embrace dance, rediscover sports, and redefine fitness. In Escape and Shape on Oculus TV, our VR hub for must-see entertainment, terrific real-world coaches hosted energetic and informative free episodes on yoga, dance, and high-intensity interval training. We’ve offered up tips and tricks for tracking your exercise goals using Oculus Move, and we even highlighted an exclusive new video from one of the most popular observers of VR fitness around, FitProVR.

To cap off this month-long series on how to ramp up your workouts using Quest, let’s dive into this week’s theme: Play Actively.

What’s New This Week

Escape and Shape - Sculpt

In the third episode of Escape and Shape on Oculus TV, dancer and actress Alyson Stoner took you into the desert to help you work off the last of those hard-to-shed holiday calories. This week, in the final episode of the series, head on down to the shore with sculpting coach Matt Tralli for a little body waving and beach boxing.


From four-time Olympian and New Zealand national track and field head coach Les Mills and OhShape creators Odders Lab comes LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT. Instructors Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen have combined mixed martial arts and fitness into the successful in-person and on-demand BODYCOMBAT program, and now they’re bringing it to a fantastic, heartbeat-raising VR app that will get your energy flowing. Featuring a soundtrack of hit songs, LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT will have you learning new punch moves and knee strikes. It launches on Quest 2 on February 3, so add it to your wishlist now and get ready to get seriously active.

Duo Packs: Secret Agents & Katanas

What better way to stay in shape than to get your body moving? Start working up a sweat with awesome deals on these out-of-this-world duo packs of VR fitness experiences.

Sneaky Stealth Games Pack

You’re an elite spy with just a single night to stop a war in Phantom: Covert Ops, and you can play out your 007 fantasies as a drone operator carrying out top-secret assassination assignments around the world in Espire 1: VR Operative. This pack is available until 10:00 am PT on February 4.

Fight Like a Ninja Pack

Do acrobatic jumps, run up walls, play with time, and fire away at evil enemies in Sairento VR: Untethered, or get your blood pumping as you fend off swarms of sword-wielding adversaries coming at you from every direction in Ninja Legends. This pack is available until 10:00 am PT on February 4.

6 Ways to Find Your Zen

Our theme this week may be to Play Actively, but you can’t underestimate the importance of a good cooldown. These six chill experiences are the perfect way to wrap up an intense workout.


Improve your mindfulness through relaxing sound baths, guided meditations, and intentional movement.


Your home can be your own boutique meditation studio, a calming place where you can use mindfulness practices to bring your heart rate way down.

Guided Meditation VR

Featuring more than 40 lush environments, hundreds of relaxing songs, and dozens of hours of guided meditation, this calming VR experience will help you shut out the chaos of everyday life.

Guided Tai Chi

Let go of your stress and tension as you experience this modern reimagining of an ancient art.

BRINK Traveler

Explore the wonders of our amazing natural world in 3D in this virtual travel experience.


Improve your mood and your focus with more than 75 guided meditations and daily relaxation practices in this award-winning VR mindfulness app.

Check Your Real-time Stats with Oculus Move

All month, you’ve made Quest a key part of your exercise regimen, so of course you want to know how close you are to hitting your goals. And you can see just how you’re doing on your calorie-burning and Move minute progress without ever having to leave your favorite game to do so.

Just place the Oculus Move overlay at the top or bottom of your Quest screen by choosing Move from your Library or by telling the Facebook Voice Assistant to “turn on Move overlay.”

Make Quest Part of Your Fitness Journey All Year Long

Thanks so much for coming along on this fitness ride with us all this month. Whether you were dancing, punching, or meditating, Quest was an essential part of getting your 2022 fitness goals off on the right foot. But just because January’s nearly over doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop. Keep on using VR to stay on your fitness journey next month and throughout the year, whether it’s a 10 minute HIIT workout in FitXR or hours a week slashing cubes in Beat Saber. To find more apps and games that let you enjoy the fun of movement rather than the effort of reps, check out our website.

And please let us know how you’re incorporating VR into your fitness routine. Snap a post-workout pic and tag @MetaQuestVR and we’ll cheer you on the whole way.