Fitness Friday: Rediscover Sports

Oculus Blog
January 14, 2022

Welcome back to Fitness Friday. Last week we talked about how to redefine fitness by using Quest to level up your workouts and have fun sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. We kicked off a new Oculus TV series featuring some of the best fitness instructors in the world, introduced Hoame, a new world-class meditation experience, and got January off to a great start with a very special new Supernatural coach.

We know you’re chomping at the bit to learn more about how to use VR to burn calories, so without further ado, let’s jump into this week’s theme: Rediscover sports.

What’s New This Week

Escape and Shape - Quick HIIT

Hopefully, you balanced your chakras with top yoga instructor Paige Willis in the first episode of Escape and Shape, the brand-new fitness series on Oculus TV, our VR hub for must-see entertainment. Now, get ready to boost your adrenaline in episode 2, Mountaintop Sweat Session, with well-known high-intensity interval training coach Corbin Booker.

Coming Soon: Liteboxer VR

Liteboxer, the at-home fitness company that blends innovative hardware and game dynamics into immersive workouts, announced at CES last week that Liteboxer VR is coming soon to Quest. Get motivated by expert trainers to bob, weave, and punch your way through new daily boxing workouts featuring hit songs from artists like Lady Gaga and YG.

Duo Packs: Choreography & Carnage

Get your body moving, your heart rate climbing, and your sweat flowing with these great deals on pairs of VR fitness experiences that go great together and help you get an even better workout. Look for these duo packs in the Quest Store:

Hit the Dancefloor Pack

Dance your way through dozens of tracks from hit artists, either on your own or with up to 10 friends in SynthRiders, or groove, dodge obstacles, make fun poses, and punch walls as you work your way through 32 maps in OhShape. This pack is available until 10:00 am PT on January 21.

Draw Your Bow Pack

Archery for the fitness win! Fill your quiver and battle your way through hordes of forsaken souls and angelic creatures in medieval castles in In Death: Unchained, or take aim with your bow at ninjas and samurai in Holopoint. This pack is available until 10:00 am PT on January 21.

Find a Great Workout on Quest

VR Sports Experiences That’ll Get Your Heart Pumping

It’s time to supercharge the way you move, but there’s no need to go to the gym. We’ve got a great collection of immersive sports games for you, so lace up your favorite kicks and grab your towel.

Carve Snowboarding

Shred that powder and dominate the slopes from home in this great VR game from the maker of 1080 Snowboarding.

The Climb 2

Grab some carabiners and rope, and start scrambling your way up the side of exhilarating peaks or skyscrapers. Challenge your friends to keep up with you, and scale the highest mountains, or even explore massive caves. Hold on and don’t look down!

The Thrill of the Fight

Whether you’re a heavyweight or a featherweight, you’ll want to jump into the ring, duck swings, and throw the knockout punch.

Player 22 by Rezzil

Boosting your fitness and reaction times has never been so much fun. From aiming to be QB1 on the gridiron to learning how to do a killer crossover on the hardcourt to perfecting your header on the pitch, this collection of athletic training games will leave you smiling as you work up a sweat.

Sports Scramble

Who says you can’t swing for the fences with a hockey stick, serve aces with a golf club, or master the lanes with a basketball? Not us! Get your heart pumping in this mashup of tennis, baseball, and bowling.

Eleven Table Tennis

With the most realistic physics engine ever used in a table tennis simulator, you can beat your friends with your slice shot, or smash a forehand to beat an AI in single-player mode.

Oculus Move

Oculus Move lets you set ongoing VR fitness goals and track your progress over time.

Of course, while it can be motivating just to set goals, we generally want to know whether we hit them. And you can do just that by opening Oculus Move when you’re done with a play session.

And here’s a hot tip: You can turn on notifications to get updates on the progress you’re making towards your goals, all without interrupting your gameplay. Just turn on notifications by going to Oculus Move > Settings > Notifications.

Keep Your Fitness Journey Going in VR

You got off to an amazing start on your New Year’s fitness resolutions last week, and now we know you can keep up the great work on your fitness journey. Whether it’s short workouts or sweating it out for hours a week, we want to help you be your best and healthiest self.

Want to share how VR has become an essential part of your exercise routine? Snap a post-workout selfie and tag @Oculus so we can celebrate with you. We’ll see you next week for another Fitness Friday.