Four the Win: Beat Saber OST4 Turns Up the Intensity, Available Today

Oculus Blog
March 18, 2021

Just when you thought you had mastered the moves in Beat Saber, the popular rhythm slasher turns up the intensity once more with OST4, Original Soundtrack 4, which brings four new high-tempo tracks to the base game to test your skills on the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms.

The free update is live today and contains songs exclusively composed for the game by artists familiar to the community:

  • Jaroslav Beck - Into The Dream (ft. Jakub Tirco)
  • Boom Kitty - It Takes Me (ft. Waylon Reavis)
  • Jaroslav Beck - LUDICROUS+
  • Camellia - Spin Eternally

“With OST4, I wanted to focus on the intersection of rock and electronic music, which also sets the perfect environment for even more intense beatmaps,” says Jaroslav Beck, Head of Music for Beat Saber.

OST4 also introduces a new, trippy kaleidoscope environment unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Beat Saber. Crack those knuckles and flex your shoulders—you’re in for a workout. And great news for creators and streamers, all songs from OST4 are Content ID free, so you can stream it on your channels without limitations. Beat Saber OST4 is available now on the Quest and Rift Platforms.