Prep Your Bait and Cast Your Line for the Massive, Free ‘Year 2 Edition’ Update in ‘Real VR Fishing’ for the Oculus Quest Platform

Oculus Blog
November 4, 2021

If you don’t live near easy access to fishing spots or don’t have the means to go out and fish regularly, then the next best thing is sitting down and casting your line in Real VR Fishing from Miragesoft on the Oculus Quest Platform. And to make the experience better than ever, the major free Year 2 Edition update that’s out today adds a whole host of new features for all you intrepid sea wranglers out there.

Year 2 Edition brings a whole new depth to Real VR Fishing’s already excellent gameplay. Now locations will feature a variety of water depths with different types of fish in each depth level, overall improved fishing mechanics, a brand-new redesigned in-game store, and better tutorials to get new players up to speed faster. What makes the water depth system so exciting is that each species will have a preferred depth based on real-world data to accurately represent what it would be like to fish in those locations for real.

And to take things even deeper (pun intended), there are new types of bait added to the game, improved lure fishing, new float fishing, and a new requirement to either reel or twitch your lure to attract different fish in different environments.

To learn more about Real VR Fishing: Year 2 Edition we spoke with Miragesoft COO Mark Choi:

Congrats on releasing such a major update for free! Which part of the update are you the most excited for players to try?

Mark Choi, Miragesoft COO: As you said, it is a major rework of the game, and we decided to release the update for free to thank our fans for their support and love over the past two years and to invite more users to this still-growing platform.

Many of our fans praised us for re-creating real-world environments in VR successfully and have asked us to adopt a more life-like fishing experience as they spend more time in our game. There were no anglers in our team until Jake Kim (Creative Director and a real-life angler and diver) joined our team earlier this year. Jake brought not only his fishing experience but also his game development knowledge, and he was able to deliver balanced lure and float fishing experiences.

In the Year 2 Edition, there will be two improved fishing mechanics: lure fishing and float fishing. The current fishing method looks like lure fishing but acts like float fishing in the game, in a way that it doesn’t require any movement of the bait to attract fish. So we decided to rename the current fishing mechanic to float fishing with a floating bobber. And we added a new lure fishing mode, which more closely resembles traditional real life lure fishing. If you want a more relaxing fishing experience like the current one, you can continue enjoying it in float fishing mode. If you would like to fish in a more active way, you can try this new lure fishing.

Can you explain in more detail how the new "water depth" system comes into play to add more variety?

MC: The addition of “water depth” not only makes the fishing experience more real, but also “deep”. In real life fishing, different fish live in different depths of water. In this update, we distributed fish in three levels of depths based on real data, so that players can target specific fish that live in specific depths of water. Players can set their target depth before casting with float fishing, or they can dynamically move around depths with lure fishing. Since each lure has different sinking speed and buoyancy, each lure will have pros and cons for fishing at certain depths. We want players to try to play with various lures and explore what works best for them.

However, since this could make fishing a bit more difficult, we increased the number of fish and added subtle visual hints. In hard or expert mode, where players cannot see the fish’s position, ripples and bubbles sometimes appear, indicating there are fish on the top layer or the bottom layer of water. It would take some concentration and practice to find a fish this way. Also, the “Fish in this Location” menu shows the list of fish and its depth distribution and preference to lures and live baits, so players don’t need to memorize all this information.

We mentioned that the in-game Store is getting a big update. Can you elaborate a bit on some of those changes?

MC: We’ve added a durability system for reels and rods and made baits expendable for a more realistic fishing experience, letting players try different tackles and consume their credits. However, this means players can use up all fishing tackle or baits while fishing. It would be quite frustrating if we have to go back to the lodge every time we use up all the baits. That’s why we added an in-game popup Store, where players can buy all expendable fishing tackle anywhere.

Also, since there are more items now, we refreshed the UX for selecting items, so that players can browse and select from multiple items more easily.

It’s not part of the in-game popup Store, but we also added the long-awaited glove store. There are 45 gloves with 9 color variations ready for sale. The fancy leaderboard gloves will still remain as leaderboard rewards though.

How do you think the game's learning curve has evolved? It can be a tough game to get the hang of at first, but the new tutorial improvements should help with that.

MC: There are certainly more things to learn and explore with the new update, so we improved the presentation and flow of the tutorial. We added a fishing partner NPC, Mira, who calls you over your smartwatch (yes, there is a smartwatch) from time to time and teaches you the basics with voiceover and videos. She also gives you useful tips from time to time when you reach a certain level or face a specific situation.

Instead of teaching everything at the beginning, we divided the tutorials into 3 main interactive tutorials, and 6 self reading tutorials. Players can play tutorials anytime from the Tutorial menu in the TV Screen. It will allow players to learn things in detail step by step at their own pace.

The astounding visuals have always been one of the most impressive things about Real VR Fishing. Do you have plans to add new fishing locations sometime in the future?

MC: Our fans have been asking for new locations from day one, but the pandemic delayed not just our iteration time but everything. And at long last, we are introducing our first paid DLC, “US West DLC,” this coming early December. There will be a total of 20 beautifully recreated real-world locations in the western part of the states, including over 70 freshwater and saltwater species, three new achievements, rewards, and more.

Our team is excited to launch it during this holiday season, and I personally believe it will be the perfect content to play with your family.

Next year, we also plan to launch Japan and US East DLC and more global fishing location DLCs in the coming years. If you know any beautiful locations around your area, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Finally, for anyone that hasn't tried Real VR Fishing yet, what would you want them to know above all else before diving in?

MC: I would like to let people know that many non-anglers who were hesitant to play RVRF and later most of them find our game much more enjoyable and relaxing than they expected. I can guarantee that the addition of the new update will bring more joy to not only our existing fans but also new users who will join us in the future.

In addition, we have one of the coolest and friendliest communities in the world. Our veterans will make you feel home when you join the multiplayer sessions too. Me and our team always try to find some time to join our community to listen to the voices of our fans.

Last but not least, we are planning to offer a free major update “PvP Tournament'' sometime next year. The update will also bring new UI/UX which will enhance overall gameplay along with daily rewards / quests and more.

Real VR Fishing: Year 2 Edition is out today on the Quest Platform as a free major update.